Preacher Episode “Possibilities” Review

Preacher Episode “Possibilities” Review

June 13, 2016 2 By Gary

Preacher episode 2 (it’s all a little confusing; they aren’t counting the pilot as episode 1, so technically the third episode you’ve seen is counted as episode 2. Much like their show, it isn’t straight forward.) is called “Possibilities” though it could easily be subtitled “I Want to Show You Something.”

Jesse, following the events at the end of episode 1 (the second episode you watched, “See,”) now understands what his powers can do. He’s excited to try them out and boy does her ever, simultaneously making Cassidy hop on one foot, sing Johnny Cash (at which he fails horribly since he doesn’t know the words), and fly…which the vampire does by hurling himself face first into a wall.


It’s another moment of levity that the show introduces without seeming silly, or out of place. The show is able to walk a fine line by keeping a serious tone and deep subject matter, with a slice of humour injected into it.

The slow burn development of the world (that I mentioned last week with the introduction of the mysterious Cowboy) continues this week with a look into the nature of Odin Quincannon. He, like the Cowboy, are positioned to become antagonists for Jesse and crew.

We learn this week that Quincannon, the owner of Quincannon Meat and Power, has his intercom connected to his slaughterhouse so he can listen in to the death throes of the animals. It’s…disturbing…but it offers a glimpse into who Quincannon is. Viewers are right to be wary of him.

The episode centered on two main arcs: Cassidy’s interaction with Fiore and Deblanc, the two guys he killed during last week’s episode and Tulip and Jesse meeting up in search of Carlos, someone who done them wrong.


Cassidy, after the shock of seeing the guys he killed come back to life, was pretty stoic when the two men revealed they were sent from heaven to get back what’s inside Jesse.

They were oddly accepting that Cassidy would broker on their behalf with Jesse. Perhaps we’ll get more of a sense of what they’re up to in the next episode, but for now, that’s where they left it: with a vampire to negotiate on behalf of heaven sent bounty-hunters with a Preacher who’s infused with an escaped power.

This show is wild.

The second story was about Tulip’s quest to find a man named Carlos. He apparently betrayed Tulip and Jesse while working a job and caused the rift that exists between them today.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it works to drive the story forward…though I’m glad Dominic Cooper’s Jesse got a haircut because his pre-show hair is terrible.


Jesse, unable to resist the song of revenge, follows Tulip on the quest. He tries to get up the nerve to tell her about his newfound ability but can’t.

On a routine trip to the bathroom, who’s waiting for him with a gun? Donnie, the guy who’s arm he broke.

Donnie wants Jesse to squeal…but, somewhat predictably, he doesn’t.

Jesse forces Donnie to put the gun in his own mouth…but somewhere, the Preacher hears the voice of Uncle Ben saying “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” and he lets Donnie go claiming he finally understands.

He abandons Tulip and begins walking for home.

One thing I noticed this time around, that I didn’t last time, is the main title sequence. It evokes the mood of the show perfectly and, frankly, can’t believe I missed it last week!

The episode was not as strong as the past two, but certainly continues to trend of setting up what’s coming a long way off; my only fear is that people won’t be able to follow the plot and may get frustrated and stop tuning in.

That would be a shame.

Preacher is one of those shows that is begging for a binge-marathon.