Nesta Cooper Kicks The Future in The Face: Travelers S2

Nesta Cooper Kicks The Future in The Face: Travelers S2

October 13, 2017 0 By Gary

Nesta Cooper is earnestly Canadian as she talks about season two of Travelers, premiering on Showcase on Monday, October 16th. What can we expect from Season 2? Well “[m]ore” mindblowingness” she exclaims on the phone, clearly just as excited for the show’s season two return as is its rabid fan base. “The first five minutes of the first episode…is insane.”

Season one broke new ground with it’s time travel to the present concept and it looks like season two will have some surprises in store as well. “We stand apart from other scripted sci-fi shows,” she said matter of factly. “Because we’re doing whatever we want!”

Travelers is broadcast on Showcase in Canada, and on Netflix elsewhere, and as mentioned previously has a particularly active fanbase; one that actually took the twenty-something actor off-guard as she walked the red carpet for the premiere of Kong: Skull Island. “There were so many celebs on the red carpet. I felt so out of place. Samuel L. Jackson was walking behind me…and then I saw this small pocket of Travelers fans that waited hours in line just to see me,” she said.

That’s when she knew Travelers was going to be something special.

Given the political tensions worldwide, the conversation briefly turned to how the show would address the challenges faced by the United States. “Our show is set in the US,” not shying away from the question. “We will tackle tough issues. What we stands for shines through.”

Cooper shared an anecdote that summed the situation up perfectly:

Eric actually said today that if there were actual travelers right now…this is what they’d be doing and since it’s happening…we know they aren’t here.

Maybe for some, it would be good if there were, but regardless, the frankness of the exchange showed clearly that Travelers won’t hide from current events.

For her part, Cooper’s excited about the transition her character will see in season two. In season one, Carly comes in headstrong, but gradually she breaks down throughout the season as she’s exposed to the hard realities of the twenty-first century. “In season two, Carly comes in with more rage. She’s having trouble deciding what’s right and wrong,” but it sounds like having trouble deciding right from wrong in the twenty-first century is going to be a theme of this season. “The team is [utterly] confused about what’s right and wrong.”

As the interview is coming to a close, a question slips out about the things Cooper never gets asked, but would love to talk about.

She didn’t need to think long or hard about the response. “I wish more people would ask specific questions about Carly,” she said. “For example, I put a lot of work into my fight scenes, and I really like talking about that process,” she added.

In acknowledgement of Cooper’s hard work at the gym and on the training mats, here’s a video of her kicking some butt:



Travelers season two premieres on Showcase, October 16th

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