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Jennifer Spence Talks Travelers

by Garyon December 18, 2017
“It’s a massive risk,” Jennifer Spence, the actor that plays Grace on Travelers, says about the season finale airing on Monday, December 18th on Showcase. “I can’t believe it’s all happening so soon,” she quickly adds, somewhat cryptically. Season two has moved at a breakneck pace and has taken fans through a dark and twisted look […]

Working Against Time: Travelers’ Enrico Colantoni

by Garyon October 21, 2017
Travelers exploded into season 2 last week (if you missed the season premiere you can catch it Oct 21st at 10, or Oct 22 at 4:30 on Showcase) and introduced Vincent, played by veteran Canadian actor Enrico Colantoni. This article does not contain spoilers. “Vincent brings conflict,” Colantoni said from Toronto. “[But he also] brings […]

Nesta Cooper Kicks The Future in The Face: Travelers S2

by Garyon October 13, 2017
Nesta Cooper is earnestly Canadian as she talks about season two of Travelers, premiering on Showcase on Monday, October 16th. What can we expect from Season 2? Well “[m]ore” mindblowingness” she exclaims on the phone, clearly just as excited for the show’s season two return as is its rabid fan base. “The first five minutes of […]

Travelers: The Future is Now

by Garyon September 4, 2016
Travelers looks like it’s going to be a great show, full of intrigue, tension, and strong characters. In some ways, that it’s so great, is ironic. It’s ironic because the show (on Netflix in the US and Showcase in Canada) has a bright future, which is a stark contrast to the future of its characters. […]