Harry Potter Brings out the Child in Us All at the Sony Centre

Harry Potter Brings out the Child in Us All at the Sony Centre

October 15, 2017 0 By Jeff Fountain

It goes without saying that the world created by J.K. Rowling, that of Harry Potter, has a popularity that has stretched forth on a global scale. Books, movies, games, toys, it is one of those things that has struck a chord with many in some way, be it magic, the characters or just pure entertainment. Last night at the Sony Centre, the power of Harry Potter was put on display as a rambunctious and joyful crowd reveled in the fandom yet again.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second movie of eight in the franchise, gave us the three heroes still young and finding their way, part of the secret that makes this such a popular story. That energy was perfectly captured by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, capturing the energy and wonder of John Williams score perfectly, both in the smaller, more subtle quiet moments to the giant and powerful action sequences.

You know you are in for an interesting evening when before the show even starts, the conductor urges the audience to applaud and cheer along the way, celebrating not just the show but favorite characters or moments. To this end, it made this experience much more energetic than most, with fans indeed cheering many, many times, adding a special kind of energy to something that already had a great sense of energy hanging over those in attendance. Fans cheered, the music boomed, it was really quite something to see.

Full credit to the members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as well, who had the daunting task of 825162e977a06c29344eaca64731fd11not only playing a score by the legendary John Williams but playing it in front of fans from a franchise who were there expecting the best, which was delivered and then some. Although I know the musicians are professionals, I would like to think that the members of this orchestra feed off the energy from the fans, adding something extra to their performance, because it sure seemed like they were enjoying themselves.

It is quite an interesting experience, watching a huge movie like this with a live orchestra playing underneath the screen. It begins as a little distracting and then becomes one with the film and in the end, I was left marveling at what a great job this group of musicians did. It was indeed a magical evening, visiting some old friends on screen and enjoying their company with the fans both young and old, as we marveled at this wonderful franchise that never seems to lose its appeal, and the wonderful Toronto Symphony Orchestra, who brought the music to life, making the evening complete.

The Harry Potter concert series continues with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban May 16-18 2018