Move Over Siri, Google Is In Town

Move Over Siri, Google Is In Town

April 29, 2013 0 By Marc

Need a fancy place to eat dinner? Directions to the newest EB Games? Or just want to have a conversation because no one will be your friend? Never fear apple users! Google has arrived to kick that harlot Siri to the curb.

As of today, Google has released their own app that work very much the same way as Siri on the app store. The app will get you directions, tell you the weather, or even calculate a tip all without that bitchy undertone that Siri seems to have developed over the past few years.

Now people may ask why the heck would they pay for another app, when one comes with the phone and works just fine. It is very easy to combat that, first of all the app is free and secondly the app works directly with Google’s search engine that is pretty much standard when you ever want to search anything (no not Bing, never ever Bing). This app works well and fast to bring open the information that you need  and presents them to the user by using “cards” which are pre-made summaries that will be played back to the user.

The Google app is not as good as the Android equivalent but it will perk the interest of the Apple users in wondering if the grass is really greener on the other side. This also poses the question; is Google going to start developing other apps for the iOS as well? Will we see some other Android equivalent apps appear on their marketplace that Android users have loved for years?

We can only see as the smartphone wars continue, because at this rate we are starting to see one pull ahead. I am already preparing my tribute to our new Google overlords.