The Nintendo Switch, Is It Worth It?

by Hannah Broadbenton July 26, 2017
The Nintendo Switch was released last March and since then they have been a nightmare to obtain. Thousands and thousands of people preordered a Switch way back when, which was the smartest choice you could’ve made, because now you can’t find them on retailer’s websites or in brick and mortar stores. Yeah, you could get […]

Is Showcase’s Halcyon the Natural Evolution of Television?

by Garyon March 25, 2017
Picture this: a murder is committed; an iconoclastic genius is found dead in his home. This man has revolutionized the modern world with his innovative approach to virtual reality, and now he’s dead. With Halcyon, not only do you get to watch the mystery unfold, if you have a Samsung Gear VR, you can jack […]

Mr. Robot and the Revolution of Women in Tech

by Laura Cerroneon July 23, 2016
Since premiering in summer 2015, Mr. Robot has had a chilling effect on society. With episodes mirroring eerily close to real-life events, such as the Ashley Madison leak and a mass shooting, the show continuously makes big waves. Also hailed as one of the closest descriptions of hacking in television and movies, the show uses […]

Sphero BB-8 Forceband: Soon You Too Can Use The Force

by Garyon July 22, 2016
With all due respect to Daisy Ridley, BB-8 was the breakout star of The Force Awakens, and Sphero, the noted robotics company, has created a version you can own. And it is amazing. You use an app to drive him around and it’s actually pretty impressive how much control the app yields. This fall, however, Sphero […]

Warner Bros. and Samsung Team Up for Suicide Squad VR @ SDCC

by Garyon July 15, 2016
Here is the deal. And you’ll want to read to the end because this. is. amazing. Samsung Electronics America Inc. (Samsung) and Warner Bros. Pictures have teamed up and created a virtual reality experience that takes its users into the world of Suicide Squad. Take that in for a second. One of the best tech companies in […]

The Maguss Wand: Making Magic Real

by Laura Cerroneon August 20, 2015
It is likely that you, and hordes of others, waited patiently on your 12th birthday for an owl to swoop down and gently drop a letter of admissions to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Think of the disappointment you, and all the throngs of other hopeful young people felt the next day when no such […]

CurrentC Customer E-mails Hacked

by Marcon October 29, 2014
One of Apple Pay’s biggest competitors have been recently hacked.

Android Launches New Friendlier Branding

by Marcon October 17, 2014
Be Together. Not the same.

Apple Announces the iPhone 6

by EVAon September 9, 2014
Today left many Apple users with a lot to be excited about. In a live presentation, Apple announced that they would be releasing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but if that’s not enough to get excited about, they also announced a new piece of technology that people have been waiting and anticipating […]

TP-Link Power Bank Review

by Marcon August 1, 2014
This piece of tech is something all convention goers should have.