Game Dev Tycoon Sticks It To The Pirates

Game Dev Tycoon Sticks It To The Pirates

April 29, 2013 0 By Marc

Something very interesting has happened in a world where many game developers are trying to make deterrents against people stealing their games and putting them up on the internet for free.

Game developer Greenheart Games has added a simple, yet very effective way to make those who want to play their game, pay for the full version and none of it has to do with limiting DRM or sneaky launchers.

Greenheart has made a game about developing games, and trying to sell them to the masses. You run the office, make schedules, manage finances, many of the things players love when they play the “Tycoon” style game. But here is the catch with the pirated version, each time you made a game and try to make any money on it, this little notification comes up.


Very clever idea from the new developers.

Not only does this limit the play, but it also lets those who are stealing the game know that it does matter each time they steal a game,e specially to those independent game developers that put so much work and heart into these games in hopes that only a handful of people ever get to play it.

So take note larger developers, you don’t need DRM, limited installs, or terrible separate launchers to make your game safe (not you Steam, I love you).