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Next Games And AMC Launch ‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’ on iOS

by Garyon October 8, 2015
  AMC and Next Games announced The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the official mobile game based on AMC’s record-breaking TV series, is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In a unique collaboration, AMC and Next Games have joined forces to create The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a first-of-its-kind tactical game for […]

The Business of Entertainment: Interview with Brimstone

by Laura Cerroneon July 8, 2015
  It would be difficult to pin a single hat on Will Kucmierowski. The businessman, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker and now branched out brand name Brimstone, has his hands in it all. Brimstone has created an empire, launching Hound Entertainment Group and publishing over 40 comics, books, spices and seasonings, fragrances, video games, his involvement […]

Neko Atsume Intro

Freeplay Express: Neko Atsume

by Tim Finchon June 26, 2015
Neko Atsume is hard to explain to people without sounding insane. I’ve tried several times to encompass just what it is I like about the game and what makes it uniquely addicting, and most people just roll their eyes, make fun of me, and walk away. However, if you’re not afraid to be labeled a […]

7 Smartphone Games We Play on the Toilet

by Emilia Cowanon June 6, 2015
Let’s face it, we all use the potty, we all play games on our smartphones, and at some point we play games will sitting on the toilet. It’s nothing to be ashamed about unless you’re one of those people who still believe girls don’t poop (we don’t just to clarify). The average America spends 162 minutes […]

Five Nights At Freddy’s Screams its Way to a Film Deal

by Emilia Cowanon April 8, 2015
The nightmarish animatronics of the hit horror game, Five Nights At Freddy’s, may be headed to a theater near you! Warner Bros. just picked up the rights to Scott Cawthon’s hit video game trilogy with plans to adapt it for the silver screen!

The Geeky Weekly – Feb. 9 – Feb. 15.

by Laura Cerroneon February 15, 2015
There was some great news flooding the internet this week, between Spider-Man rejoining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the announcement of Superman’s new power. But, there was plenty of news we may have missed too, and here is some of the best. So grab your Valentine’s Day chocolates (or post-Valentine’s Day half-off chocolates) and catch […]

Deadman’s Cross for iOS

by EVAon February 28, 2014
Square Enix has recently released a game for iOS and Android devices called Deadman’s Cross.

Is BBM Worth The Hassle?

by Marcon October 24, 2013
Blackberry released the BBM for iPhone and Android and everyone is going crazy to sign up and get it, but is it worth all the trouble in the end?


Batman Arkham Origins for iOs

by EVAon October 22, 2013
One night to kill the Bat.

Move Over Siri, Google Is In Town

by Marcon April 29, 2013
Need a fancy place to eat dinner? Directions to the newest EB Games? Or just want to have a conversation because no one will be your friend? Never fear apple users! Google has arrived to kick that harlot Siri to the curb.