Is Chris Pine “Pining” for the Role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman?

Is Chris Pine “Pining” for the Role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman?

May 27, 2015 1 By Emilia Cowan

Everyone’s favorite golden-haired space captain may be heading to Themyscira very soon. Sources at Variety say Chris Pine is in negotiations to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. It seems that Pine won over both production execs and Gal Gadot, encouraging Warner Bros. to pursue him for the part.


For anyone unfamiliar with the character, Steve Trevor is an intelligence officer with the U.S. Army whose plane crash lands on Themyscira. There he meets Princess Diana of Themyscira and falls madly in love with her. After his injuries heal, he returns to man’s world and Diana follows him to keep him safe. She takes on the identity of Diana Prince and works alongside Steve while fighting off Nazi forces as Wonder Woman. The rest is history or at least one version of it.

Since his debut alongside Wonder Woman in 1941, Steve Trevor’s role in the comics has changed dramatically. His more iconic roles are that of secret agent and love interest, but he’s also been Justice League liaison and head of A.R.G.U.S. However, in the current Wonder Woman comics he’s been noticeably absent.

It’s tough to speculate the role Chris Pine’s Trevor will have in the Wonder Woman movie. My money is on love interest, but the comics have generally moved away from that narrative over time. Most of the post-Crisis era stories stayed away from a romantic relationship and instead focused on a close friendship between Steve and Diana. I would love to see the version of Steve Trevor that’s married to Etta Candy and is Diana’s close friend, but if they do go the romance route it needs to be Diana’s romance and a footnote in the movie. Realistically, Diana only has one true love.


If you’re looking for great Steve Trevor related stories Bruce Timm’s Justice League episode “Savage Time,” Batman Brave and the Bold episode “Scorn of the Star Sapphire,” and the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film are good places to start! The original Sensation Comics are pretty cool too!

Should he land the role, fans can expect to see him alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman sometime in 2017. Looks like Marvel won’t be the only company the employs a Chris.

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