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Wonder Woman: Finally

by Garyon June 3, 2017
Wonder Woman is fantastic; the DC extended universe has a truly great movie and it is about damn time. After films that were flawed but okay (Man of Steel), to obsessively anticipated but miss the mark (Batman V Superman), to films that had great promise but don’t quite measure up (Suicide Squad), Wonder Woman gives […]

What’s at Stake for Batman V. Superman? The Universe

by Garyon March 24, 2016
Batman V. Superman could change the course of an entire movie universe: its success will mean a decade of DC comic book movies centered around the iconic characters of the Justice League; its failure will mean catastrophe for Warner Bros. entertainment who hoped to turn its success into billions upon billions of dollars. Based on […]

Super Bowl 2016 Geek Commercial and Trailer Roundup

by Alanna Smithon February 7, 2016
Apparently there was an important episode of football on tonight, some kind of season finale – I think somebody won something? I don’t know. The important thing is that it brought with it some great new trailers and commercials for some of our favourite geek products and films, including the likes of X-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: […]

Official Images for Batman v Superman Release Just in Time for SDCC!

by Emilia Cowanon July 2, 2015
The hype train is real! Today, Entertainment Weekly released six new photos of Warner Bros. upcoming film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! From fancy Wonder Woman to Lex Luthor’s hair this is the most we’ve seen and heard since the teaser trailer. With San Diego Comic-Con around the corner expect to see more Batman v […]

Is Chris Pine “Pining” for the Role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman?

by Emilia Cowanon May 27, 2015
Everyone’s favorite golden-haired space captain may be heading to Themyscira very soon. Sources at Variety say Chris Pine is in negotiations to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. It seems that Pine won over both production execs and Gal Gadot, encouraging Warner Bros. to pursue him for the part. For anyone unfamiliar […]

Batman VS. Superman Gets Official Title

by Steph Mernaghon May 21, 2014
Will be released in theatres May 6, 2016.