Chris Pine is Perfect for Steve Trevor

Chris Pine is Perfect for Steve Trevor

July 29, 2015 1 By Emilia Cowan

Chris Pine sets his sights on Themyscira! The Star Trek alum reportedly closed a deal with Warner Bros. to play Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s biggest fan and sometimes love interest. Hal Jordan fans can cry or sigh in relief knowing that Pine will pass on the Green Lantern role (even though he was never in the running to begin with). With no plot details, it’s unclear what kind of Steve Trevor will appear in Wonder Woman, but it’s exciting to finally get news out of Warner Bros.

I mean it in the sincerest way, Chris Pine is perfect for the role of Steve Trevor. Pine is prone to shirtlessness, has dreamy blue eyes, and makes the perfect damsel in distress. Many may bemoan the idea of Wonder Woman having a love interest, but Trevor is harmless (unless you count the time he became a superpowered maniac). I for one have come to appreciate the role he plays supporting Diana—romance or no romance.


Steve Trevor has been many things over the years and while he’s best known for being a love interest he hasn’t always been one. First appearing alongside Wonder Woman in 1941, Trevor was the classic damsel in constant need of rescue by Wonder Woman, never realizing Diana Prince and Wonder Woman were one in the same. After creator William Moulton-Marston left, Trevor often spied on Diana or felt threatened by her powers (so creepy). After Crisis on Infinite Earths, they aged Trevor so he was older than Diana—a love interest no longer.

The older Steve Trevor, in my opinion, is more iconic. He acted as Diana’s close friend and confidant. My favorite runs by George Perez and Gail Simone featured an older Steve. Plus, Trevor’s mother was considered a hero on Themyscira long before Steve crashed on the island. I would love to see Chris Pine as a slightly aged military officer focusing on his friendship with the Amazonian princess. TheWrap report seems dead set on him as a love interest, and so long as there’s lots of shirtless Chris Pine and Gal Gadot is still the star then I’m okay with Steve as a love interest. This is Hollywood after all!

They’ve been friends, enemies, gotten married, and had kids. Love him or hate him Steve Trevor is such an important part of the Wonder Woman mythos and I look forward to seeing how things will unfold. Wonder Woman is set for June 2017 with Patty Jenkins directing. What are your thoughts on Chris Pine as Steve Trevor? Let me know in the comments below.

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