Hawkeye Confirmed for Captain America: Civil War

Hawkeye Confirmed for Captain America: Civil War

March 7, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith


It’s finally been confirmed that Jeremy Renner will be returning as Hawkeye in next year’s Marvel instalment Captain America: Civil War, as reported today by The Hollywood Reporter. That’s right folks, you can all stop assuming he dies in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ever since his demotion to “mind controlled minion” in The Avengers, people have been speculating that Renner’s character will be killed off somehow and written out of the franchise completely. After the final trailer premiered this past week, I saw all kinds of comments along the lines of “pretty sure Clint’s a goner” and “I have a feeling a certain Avenger’s going to die in this one”. This was mainly due to what people considered to be a lack of Hawkeye shots in the trailer, and no speaking parts. I think many are forgetting the first trailer which actually opens with Clint very much present and talking, or the exclusive scene shown at the Marvel event that apparently takes place on Clint Barton’s family farm. In fact, after Jeremy Renner’s interview with ScreenRant where he discussed Hawkeye’s loyalties, personality and relationship with the Maximoff twins, I’m keen to believe that the reason they couldn’t include many Hawkeye shots in the trailers is because they contain the most potential plot spoilers.

As a huge Hawkeye fan, I’m happy to hear that we’ll be seeing more of Clint Barton in the future, this time with more of his personality and heroic potential involved, something we missed out on in Avengers. Captain America: Civil War is shaping up to have quite the roster, as we now have Captain America, Tony Stark, Black Widow and Hawkeye confirmed as well as appearances by Black Panther and Spider-Man before they star in their solo films. Renner’s contract apparently includes an appearance in the third Avengers film as well, so we can expect to have him around for a while. Who knows, maybe Hawkeye and Adrianne Palicki’s Mockingbird will finally get to cross paths – whether in film or on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Actually, throw Anthony Mackie’s Falcon in there too. Now there’s a “Birds of Prey” team up I want to see (CAW CAW).