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Ant-Man and the Wasp Stands Tall as a Sequel

by Laura Cerroneon July 3, 2018
In the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hangs in an uncertain balance. Luckily for True Believers, part of the emotional wound the May blockbuster inflicted is tempered with Ant-Man and the Wasp, the sequel to one of the media company’s most uncertain standalone superhero films, 2015’s Ant-Man. Once […]

‘What If’ Unleashes Boundless Storytelling in Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon April 5, 2017
Episode 16 – What If   Agents of SHIELD understands how to flip the script and reinvent the game. After their shaky footholds in season one, they pulled themselves up by sticking to serialization and paying off. They would continue to build this momentum and run with it for their season four closing arc, inside […]

Fast Facts About Iron Fist

by Laura Cerroneon February 10, 2017
Measuring in at 5ft 11in, Daniel Thomas Rand-K-ai, or better known simply as Danny Rand, has been a part of the Marvel universe since his first appearance in 1974. The latest in the Marvel and Netflix partnership and Defenders series, Iron Fist drops on March 17, 2017.   The series, formatted in 4K and HDR […]

Top Ten Movie Trailers of 2016

by Alanna Smithon January 1, 2017
Whether you love or hate the movie, the trailer is what gets you to the theater. There’s an art to trailer editing that sometimes goes unappreciated, a delicate balance in choosing key shots and moments that will entice viewers while also making sure not to give too much away. This year has definitely boasted some […]

On the Rack: July 13

by Laura Cerroneon July 12, 2016
Who agrees that New Comic Book Day is the best day of the week? Here’s the list, now make your picks!   ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Adventures Of Miru #1 (Cover A J. McClary), $3.99 Adventures Of Miru #1 (Cover B Reno Msad), $4.99 Miraculous Tales Of Lady Bug And Cat Noir #2 (Of 3)(Cover A […]

New Book Explores the Psychology Connected to Captain America: Civil War

by Laura Cerroneon June 1, 2016
In the wake of consciousness between what is right and what is wrong due to Marvel’s blockbuster entry to the 2016 box office, Captain America: Civil War, fans, critics and everyone in between have weighed in on who is right and why. In Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology, these debates are all […]


Emancipation Dents Agents of SHIELD’s Streak

by Laura Cerroneon May 11, 2016
Episode 20 – Emancipation   We’re one week away from Agents of SHIELD’s third season finale. This entire season has been a thrilling ride, and in Emancipation, SHIELD confirmed what it had been setting up as early as the second season. The overarching theme has been building to supplement Civil War, and while Captain America […]

Captain America: Civil Wow – Movie Review

by Garyon May 6, 2016
Captain America: Civil War is amazing. It’s astounding. It’s awesome. That’s just the start; look up the synonyms to ‘amazing’ in a thesaurus, and Civil War is described appropriately by every one. All at once. This review does not contain spoilers.  The Russo brothers build on the excellent foundation begun in The Winter Soldier to weave […]

Captain America Civil War Primer: Who is the Black Panther?

by Garyon May 6, 2016
Black Panther is the most prominent new addition to the Marvel Universe in Captain America: Civil War, in wide release around the world today. Some moviegoers might be curious about who Black Panther is going into the film…so here’s a primer on the sensational Black Panther! This article does NOT contain spoilers for Captain America: […]

Agents of SHIELD Has its Own Failed Experiments

by Laura Cerroneon May 4, 2016
Episode 19 – Failed Experiments With the season drawing near, and Failed Experiments being the episode before Captain America Civil War comes out, it was bound to go one of two ways. Either, serve as a vehicle to promote the movie or continue or its merry path to discovering who is the Fallen Agent. It seems […]