ConBravo: Wares and Where To Find Them

August 13, 2015 1 By Kaitlyn Smith

ConBravo 2015. We went, we saw, they conquered! But myself and GCE photographer Kris were also blown away by the selection of art, wares and merchandise available in the dealer’s room. If you weren’t able to go to the con, can’t remember the booth where you saw amazing prints or didn’t get to check out some geeky swag, we’ve got your post-con shopping covered! Here are a few of our favourites ConBravo sellers, listed here in one place for your convenience.


Koloromuj on DeviantArt, Tumblr and Twitter


Triestina Schlaeppfer

ColourfyMe on Instagram and Etsy


Ally Rom Colthoff

Is over at

Dave Go (at and Luis Neto (SpiderSaiyan on DeviantArtTumblrInstagramTwitter and Facebook) represented C-Class art group (visit them on DeviantArtTumblrFacebookTwitter)


Check him out on DeviantArtTumblrInstagram and Twitter


Red Moon Glassworks

Visit them on StorenvyTumblrFacebookInstagram and Twitter


The Littlest Gift Boutique

Visit them over at their website


Bonnie Bo Tang

She’s over on Tumblr as


Toni Smith

Quiltoni on EtsyDeviantArtTumblr and Facebook and


Cathy Gainham

Practically Geeky on StorenvyDeviantArt and Facebook


Cosplay For A Cure

Their amazing movement can be seen in action on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Flickr



1Up Games

They are on as well as Facebook and Twitter


Premier Toys

You can visit them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Have any favourite sellers we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!