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14 Favorite Cosplay Shots from Salt Lake Comicon 2016

by Mel Burkeon September 6, 2016
Over the holiday weekend, geeks from all corners of Utah gathered in the capital for Salt Lake Comicon 2016, a three day extravaganza celebrating all things nerdy and wonderful. The con boasted big names like Mark Hamill and John Cena, a labyrinthian exhibitors’ floor, and, of course, some kick ass cosplayers.  Scroll through below for […]

Emerald City Comicon Cosplay Gallery [FULL]

by Mel Burkeon April 14, 2016
Emerald City Comicon may be over, but we’re still spinning from all the amazing cosplayers we saw. From Browncoats and Trekkies to Sailor Scouts and mutants, ECCC did not disappoint. To see more from Mel or to ask questions about the following photos, click here.

ReedPOP Kicks Off a Year of Cosplay Contests

by Laura Cerroneon January 28, 2016
ReedPOP is one of the largest convention producers on the planet, hosting events such as New York Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City Comicon, as well as international cons like Delhi Comic Con and Beijing Comic Convention. Suffice to say, the folks at ReedPOP know how to throw a convention, and for 2016 they are bringing […]

Cosplay? There’s an App for That

by Laura Cerroneon October 15, 2015
A cosplay app sounds like a potential nightmare- people rating others costumes and feelings getting hurt. But that’s not the point or what is happening on CosRank, an app that ties together the very best parts about cosplay. CosRank is all about the costumes, the camaraderie, and yes, even a little friendly competition. On the […]

ConBravo: Wares and Where To Find Them

by Kaitlyn Smithon August 13, 2015
ConBravo 2015. We went, we saw, they conquered! But myself and GCE photographer Kris were also blown away by the selection of art, wares and merchandise available in the dealer’s room. If you weren’t able to go to the con, can’t remember the booth where you saw amazing prints or didn’t get to check out some geeky […]

Why ConBravo Should Be On Your Radar

by Kaitlyn Smithon August 13, 2015
ConBravo 2015. My first time going. I was looking forward to this convention simply because I had never been. I heard good things about it, though mostly that it was on the smaller end, so I didn’t expect too much. I thought I’d go there and enjoy a quaint little con. How I underestimated this […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Harley’s Joker and Joker’s Harley

by Alanna Smithon March 27, 2015
In just over a year we’ll finally be seeing Gotham’s favourite villainous couple brought to life on the big screen in Suicide Squad, but to the geek community this is hardly the first time we’ll be seeing a worthy portrayal. Many cosplayers have come up with creative interpretations of the infamous clowns, including popular cosplay […]

Toronto Comic Con: Growing Bigger But Doing Things Right

by Jeff Fountainon March 26, 2015
For many years now, Toronto Comic Con as been viewed as the younger sibling to its now very big brother, Fan Expo. Indeed, Fan Expo is growing at a rate that has it competing, at least in sheer size, with the likes of San Diego and New York Comic Cons. However along the way Toronto […]

Cosplay Photography – The Artists Behind the Lens

by Alanna Smithon March 13, 2015
When it comes to epic cosplay photos, cosplayers are only half of the equation. Cosplay photographers are just as responsible for bringing a character to life through stunning images. We recently spoke to 6 talented photographers from around the world – Lauren Pihl (USA), Mokrushina Oksana (Russia) Amaleigh (Canada), Andy K. (Germany), Greencat (Austria) and Lucas Ambrosio (UK) – who […]

Cosplay Feature: Post-Apocalyptic Powerpuff Girls vs. Rowdyruff Boys

by Alanna Smithon February 13, 2015
We all know what happened when Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X to his concoction, right? Well what happens a few years down the road when the world is plunged into a post-apocalyptic crisis? This epic cosplay photo set gives us a look into that alternate future. Sugar, spice, and anything but nice, these Powerpuff […]