Free Comic Book Day 2016

by Laura Cerroneon April 10, 2016
Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us. On May 7, the first Sunday of the month, comic book shops will be doling out comics for yours to take, free of charge! The annual holiday for comic book lovers started in 2002, and is celebrated throughout 2,300 stores throughout North America and the world. This […]

Interview With Actress Karen Allen at Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 25, 2016
While she has many TV and movies credits to her name including Animal House and Starman, Karen Allen is probably best known for her portrayal as Marion Ravenwood in the Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise. Recently we had the chance to talk to Karen while doing a round table interview at Toronto Comic Con. […]

Interview with actor Casper Van Dien At Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2016
With over one hundred acting credits to his name, Casper Van Dien has been able to work on many projects including Sleepy Hollow, Tarzan and the Lost City and the huge cult hit Starship Troopers. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Casper as part of a round table interview while he was at […]

Interview With Jonathan Frakes At Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2016
Starting out as an actor and becoming known worldwide for his character William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes has also branched out into directing, producing and voice acting. Recently, we had the chance to talk to Jonathan during a round table interview session at Toronto Comic Con. The GCE: You started […]

14 Can’t-Miss Artists at Emerald City Comicon

by Mel Burkeon March 15, 2016
Emerald City Comicon is a pop culture and comic book convention that takes place in early April in downtown Seattle, Washington. Boasting a near-80,000 attendance count last year and with an exhaustive list of exhibitors, panels, and events for this year, ECCC is a con that takes some planning. So take a deep breath, stretch […]

Civil War Trailer Reveals Spider-man

by Garyon March 10, 2016
The new trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is here and offers a much deeper look at this summer’s blockbuster feature. Watch it here: Here are some of the highlights: A better look at the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man as it develops The first long look at Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther: first […]

Making a list and checking it twice

Ten things to be excited about in 2016

by Garyon December 31, 2015
It’s never been a better time to be a geek. Geek Culture has never been more mainstream or “cool” and we’re being rewarded for that with awesome things to look forward to this coming year. So here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the things to look forward to this year Deadpool […]

[NYCC 2015] Vending v. Attending at Comic Con

by Laura Cerroneon October 16, 2015
As I enter my mid-twenties, I can proudly say I’ve attended my fair share of comic cons- both local and internationally acclaimed- as attendee and as a member of the press. This past New York Comic Con I was presented the unique opportunity to volunteer at a booth. It was NYCC’s 10th year, and after […]

Hamilton Comic Con Has Something For Everyone

by Jeff Fountainon October 6, 2015
Conventions always start with the hope that they will tap into a market that not only embraces them but supports them on a consistent basis, allowing them to expand and grow. Hamilton Comic Con is definitely one of those cons that now have an established fan base that eagerly awaits their return every year. Now […]

Gallery: Heroes Reborn World Premiere at TIFF 2015

by Marcon September 16, 2015
Check out our photos from the Heroes Reborn red carpet world première during the Toronto International Film Festival.