E3 2015 Insider’s Look Day Two

E3 2015 Insider’s Look Day Two

June 18, 2015 0 By Emilia Cowan

Day two of E3 2015 is done and the lines were even longer this time! Between tweets, photos, vines, and even Periscope, it’s been a blast bringing you E3 coverage on behalf of The GCE! However, there are a few things that don’t make it on social media because there’s simply not enough hands to record it all or I’m not allowed to, thus each day I’m going to give a quick insider’s scoop on some of the awesome things I saw that didn’t make it on social media! This is your E3 2015 insider’s look day two!

Mad Max the game is tough but promising 


After being told the Halo 5 Experience wait time was 6 hours long, I decided to ditch the line and play some Mad Max. Avalanche Studios gave attendees the choice of two demos: car combat and player combat. Since it was a Mad Max game I chose car combat and it’s really difficult. Avalanche had adjusted the parameters of the demo to prevent you from dying but I spent a majority of the time running into the side of sand dunes. Difficulties aside, car combat is a blast and does require strategy. Ammo is limited and conserving it is key to taking out tougher cars. The objective of the demo was to blow up a convoy to steal a new engine. It began with Max collecting scraps, the currency of the game, to upgrade his car to take out the convoy. By defeating convoys players gain new schematics and parts that they can then use for upgrades, but you don’t have to drive to a garage to upgrade the car. Simply press options and upgrade either Max or his car from the menu. This allows for on the fly upgrades in case you’re in a pinch. The weapons Max can use include a harpoon, rockets, fire, and his classic shotgun. All of which have limited ammo and a quick fire option. While I was playing, the Avalanche guys told me the demo was large enough for players to skip the convoy and explore. Random waste dwellers are scattered across the land and if they see you they will chase you. There’s freedom to choose where you want to go and what you want to do, but how far you go is dependent on what resources you find. It’s not a recreation of the movie, but there’s a promise it will be just as exciting.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is probably not an Xbox Exclusive 


Crystal Dynamics took over the Xbox exhibit with their Tomb Raider experience. Inside the theater they showed an extended demo of the game and the dev. team gave attendees the run down. Rise of Tomb Raider is three times the size of the original game and it’s Lara’s first real tomb raiding experience. Each of the tombs scattered across the map are guarded by bears, which managed to kill Lara a couple times in the demo. After the avalanche, Lara loses most of her gear and has to scavenge the frozen mountain side for materials to build weapons. There’s a sense of urgency as Lara struggles in the freezing temperatures for shelter and supplies, and it’s the continuing theme players can expect throughout the entire game. The demo jumped forward to showcase Lara’s new combat abilities. She can climb and jump from trees, take down enemies from ledges/trees, and build poison arrows. Certain items will build different weapon and players can go for stealth or more aggressive combat tactics. Crafting occurs in-game and is reminiscent of The Last of Us. After the demo ended I went to the dev. team to ask if this was an official Xbox exclusive. They were really reluctant to confirm it and simply said it’s a holiday exclusive. It wasn’t a firm yes or no, but I think it’s safe to assume Rise of the Tomb Raider will be reaching other consoles in the spring.

Mighty No. 9 is way cuter than Mega Man


Had I not passed the Square Enix booth I might have missed Mighty No. 9. It took up a small amount of space compared to the other games and the lines were rather short, much to my surprise. The new art direction could be described as chibi but it is very much a Mega Man clone. The game is reliant on nostalgia. Every aspect of it harkens back to the original and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I think my biggest fear is that once the nostalgia runs out players will just see it as a lesser version of its predecessor. I do enjoy the art style more and I hope that this will appeal to a new group of fans, but the gameplay felt shallow despite it’s difficulty. Again the demo was a shortened level so there’s more depth to it. I just wish the demo was able to show that.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer is Titanfall meets Destiny 

Black Ops III multiplayer is all about speed. Taking a page from Destiny and Titanfall, Black Ops III combines constant movement with class specialization to bring a fast and chaotic multiplayer experience. Players can choose from nine classes (six have been revealed) each with their own power or weapon that can be customized to the player’s style of gaming. Getting kills in the game quickens the activation of you specialist’s power, which drastically changes the tide on the battlefield. Treyarch has given players unlimited sprint, power slide, jump boost, wall run, and swimming capabilities. Even in motion guns are still usable. It’s a difficult rhythm to master, but it makes for a fast and fun gameplay experience. While I found it difficult, I think Call of Duty fans will enjoy how well balanced each specialist class is and the freedom of movement. Who doesn’t love unlimited sprint! Black Ops III will have two-player split-screen and four-player co-op story mode.

There’s only one day left so the scramble for last minute E3 2015 coverage begins! Hopefully the lines will be less of a soul-crushing experience like day two! Be sure to check out the GCE’s E3 coverage and more on twitter!

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