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Hobbits Wizard World

Wizard World Philadelphia Highlights

by Laura Cerroneon June 6, 2018
The City of Brotherly Love opened its arms up to fans of all kinds for the 18th Wizard World convention to take place in Philadelphia. Boasting a wide range of celebrity guests, comic creators, talented vendors and Instagram-worthy opportunities, the convention was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from May 17 to May 20. Invited […]

Ace Comic Con Highlights

by Laura Cerroneon December 17, 2017
Ace Comic Con took place last weekend from December 8-10 at the NYCB Live: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. This unique convention is centered on creating a curated fan experience. This inaugural con brought together most of the Justice League cast to meet, sign and chat with fans at panels and events all weekend. Marvel’s Daredevil […]

Marc Guggenheim

Talking Roots with Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim

by Laura Cerroneon December 13, 2017
Yes, you know Marc Guggenheim as the creator and executive producer of DC’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. He’s also written the screenplay for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and the television show Eli Stone. Through all of these endeavors he somehow manages to find time to write X-Men: Gold for Marvel. In the midst […]

Michael Emerson talks ‘Arrow’, ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

by Jeff Fountainon December 5, 2017
Michael Emerson may have been a late bloomer in terms of an acting career but he certainly made up for it by creating some very memorable characters, probably the biggest being Benjamin Linus from the groundbreaking TV show Lost. Recently, we had the chance to talk with Michael about his career, including his newest projects […]


Arrow Sinks Giving ‘Tribute’

by Laura Cerroneon October 19, 2017
Arrow – Episode 2 – Tribute   As Oliver comes under fire again for a leaked photo of him as the Green Arrow, the rest of the team struggles to keep up with the punches. Special Agent Amanda Watson enters the scene to throw oil on the fire, forcing the team to walk on eggshells. […]

Arrow Review: Season Six Premiere Falls Short in “Fallout”

by Jeff Fountainon October 13, 2017
At the end of last season, with the lives of so many in question, Arrow set itself up for a make or break premiere in season six. Honestly, we all knew most of the cast would survive the explosion on Lian Yu, it was just a question of how they were going to deal with […]


Arrow Review: An Interesting Effort That Falls Short in “Bratva”

by Jeff Fountainon February 9, 2017
While there have been some fun moments with the Russian flashbacks and that whole plot arc in Oliver’s past, “Bratva” tried to do too much with too little and we ended up with another one of those messy Arrow episodes that if anything, is almost expected now. When Team Arrow went to Russia on a […]

Arrow Review: Everything Old is New Again in “Legacy”

by Jeff Fountainon October 6, 2016
As Arrow begins season five it finds itself at a certain crossroads. New comic based shows have come along and with the high quality Netflix adaptations like Daredevil and Luke Cage, the show that began it all is lagging behind. It has lost its way, not quite sure which direction to go and if “Legacy” […]


Arrow Review: Dumb Fun All Around in “Sins of the Father”

by Jeff Fountainon February 11, 2016
When it comes to the League of Assassins, I have always had mixed feelings on their participation in Arrow. On one hand, they have served a purpose in plot arcs and bad guys but on the other hand, in episodes like “Sins of the Father” they can reduce ‘villains’ like Malcolm and Nyssa to almost […]

Arrow Review: A Messy But Fun Ride in “Unchained”

by Jeff Fountainon February 4, 2016
While the episode spent a lot of time bouncing back and forth from story lines like a possessed rubber ball, it was still entertaining for the most part and had some really interesting moments. The flashbacks were once again more annoying than anything but I guess that is one thing that is not going away […]