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Arrow Review: Trouble Close To Home in ‘Next of Kin’

by Jeff Fountainon October 27, 2017
First of all, I was happy to see Oliver not jump back into the Arrow suit right away. I know, it’s only one episode but the way this show goes about storylines sometimes I was waiting for a quick thirty-second speech and then poof, Oliver is all green and arrow like again. That’s not to […]

Arrow Review: Mayor Queen Takes Center Stage in “Fighting Fire With Fire”

by Jeff Fountainon March 2, 2017
As Arrow has consistently floundered around this season I trying to find its way, it was interesting to see an episode that had such a big reveal also saw the Green Arrow on the sidelines. With Mayor Queen getting the most camera time, the show actually built some moments, some story lines that also had […]


Arrow Review: Nice Idea With Mixed Results in “Spectre of the Gun”

by Jeff Fountainon February 16, 2017
For a show that is constantly hip deep in violence, it may seem laughable for Arrow to go off the reservation a bit and do an episode centered on gun control. To that end, it was not entirely successful in pulling it off. However, it did surprise me a bit and combined with the Rene […]

Arrow Review: Great Action, Interesting New Character in “Second Chances”

by Jeff Fountainon February 2, 2017
I’ve had a hard time embracing this season, what with all the new characters and constant struggle to find some consistency, but if this episode is any indication then Arrow might have found its second wind as it continues on through its fifth season. Although not without its flaws, “Second Chances” gives us some great […]


Arrow Review: A Shout Out to the Old Days In “Vigilante”

by Jeff Fountainon November 17, 2016
It has been an interesting season so far for Arrow as the writers are desperately trying to re-capture the darker and grittier atmosphere that we enjoyed in season one. While they haven’t always succeeded this year, and this episode was a bit erratic itself, ‘Vigilante’ was a welcome step back into the darkness that this […]

Primer on DC’s Rebirth Relaunch

by Laura Cerroneon May 24, 2016
It’s here, it’s finally here. DC Comics re-launch of their entire line, entitled Rebirth is finally hitting stands with issue number one on new comic book day May 25. Jumping off from the New 52 Initiative earlier in the month, the DC Universe is reset in a post-Flashpoint like way. Many of the titles under […]

Family Reunion – Convergence: Green Arrow #2 Review

by EVAon May 15, 2015
Another chapter closes for the DC Comics event Convergence with the finale of Convergence: Green Arrow. Author Christy Marx (Amethyst: Swords & Sorcery) and artist Rags Morales (Identity Crisis) have once again knocked it out of the park with their work on the two part title, delivering fans of Green Arrow both new and old […]

Do Talk About Superhero Fight Club

by Kaitlyn Smithon April 13, 2015
Earlier today, The CW released a video to their fans through their Arrow and Flash social media sites. At first glance this looks like a really cool, fan-made idea. Turns out this fan exclusive brings all of your favourite heavy-hitters to to one place. And this club only has one rule: there are no rules. Watch […]

Collector Spotlight Series: Marsden Dawn

by Laura Cerroneon March 23, 2015
Everyone has their hobbies and in our world, comics reign supreme. So it was easy to turn the scope on our own staff and find GCE writer Marsden Dawn with an envious comic collection. Predominately collecting DC comics and related materials, Marsden hails from Middletown, Delaware and shares with us her comics, figurines, posters, and more. […]

Retro Geek: Out of the Bin

by Sean Skywalkeron June 19, 2014
Welcome to another exciting edition of our Retro Geek series, Out of the Bin! This week I went way back to an important story of my personal favorite hero, Green Arrow.