Vikings Season Five Is Coming

Vikings Season Five Is Coming

November 28, 2017 0 By Gary

“Epic. Literally, epic.” That’s how actor Alex Høgh Andersen describes season five of Vikings, the season premiere of which airs on Wednesday, November 29th, on History.

It seems hard to top the events of the previous season, where cords were cut, and major characters seemed to die by the handful. “It’s getting so big,” Andersen said, reassuring everyone that there’s much more to come.

“[The actors we lost last year] were outstanding. [They] bought so much to the show. [But] we’ll figure it out. The writing on the show is great, and the dynamics are fascinating; [there’s] a trauma that exists between the brothers, now.”

Ivar is sorry for what he’s done to cause the rift between his brothers says Andersen, but is it possible that the wound he inflicted can be mended? “He hates the fact that he lost control. [His actions against Sigurd] showed that you can get to him, which means he’s become more determined, and needs to become more ruthless.”

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The central theme of Vikings has always been family; of brotherhood, and of finding one’s true path. These are themes that resonate across time, and are universal, whether taking place in eighth century Scandinavia, or twenty-first century New York.

Season Five will continue the tradition of tension amongst blood, but will there be a reconciliation? Will Ragnar’s sons be able to make amends, when their father and uncle could not?

The two hour season premiere is likely to answer this question, at least partially, but expect Ivar’s rage and his brothers’ lack of empathy to be an ongoing storyline.

“This year we’re going places,” Andersen added cheerily, clearly excited for fans to see what comes next. “We go to Morocco; the colours are so vibrant. And the stuff we shot in Iceland is mythic.”

The cinematography in Vikings has always been one of the show’s strengths, and travelling to new locales to shuffle the show’s visual identity has been an effective technique to freshen the show’s look in past seasons.

The drab greys and greens of Scandinavia contrasted with the vibrant reds and oranges of Morocco is sure to be visually compelling.

“Ivar is not as crazy as he seems,” Andersen said as our interview was coming to an end. “He’s outwardly manipulative, even cheeky, [but this] covers that he is just a little boy on the inside.”

More layers of intrigue surely await the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok in season five of Vikings.

The future of the sons of Ragnar begins on Wednesday at 9, on History.

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If you can’t wait until 9, Global is giving a sneak peek of the premiere at 7:30, with exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Thanks to Alex Høgh Andersen for chatting with us about season five of Vikings.

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