Walkers Invade Our World: New AR Game based on TWD

Walkers Invade Our World: New AR Game based on TWD

July 20, 2018 0 By Gary

The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful television franchises in the world over the last eight seasons, and with another season in the pipeline, plus its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead there’s no end in sight for this pop culture juggernaut.

Desiring to leave no medium walker-free, AMC partnered with Next Games to develop The Walking Dead: Our World, an augmented reality game (similar to Pokemon: Go, though not the same) set in the world of TWD.

In development for two years, and launched earlier this week, The Walking Dead: Our World is a location-based game that pulls data from Google to render your current environment into the game map, so what you see in your neighbourhood will be what you see in the game.

As you’re walking through your environment you will see different missions that range from simple kill missions to rescue ones, the variety seems a welcome change from the norm of repetition in this genre.

Difficulty scales with your progress, so more often than not the quests you see, will be ones that you are reasonably able to attempt; but, like any game, the bigger the challenge, the better the reward, so seeking out higher level missions can mean better loot.

One exciting element of The Walking Dead: Our World┬áis the well-implemented augmented reality; one moment your camera is pointed at the ground, and when you raise it, you’re surrounded by the dead!

This AR is actually a significant gameplay element because in this mode you have a limited ability to move around within the game, which allows you to dodge walkers, should you need to. Based on limited testing, the AR mode doesn’t feel gimmicky or tacked on. The AR transition is fast, seamless, and looks great.

While undertaking missions, you will be able to equip companions from the show such as Rick or Michonne, each of whom helps in a different way. You can customize their weapons for a given mission and develop perks to enhance their support over time.

You can collect and develop characters, weapons, and perks throughout the game, each with different levels of rarity. The rarer the item (rare, epic, and legendary) the more helpful it will be.

The game encourages social play, with the development of safe houses that scale with use, to group chats that allow players to coordinate from around the world.

While the game is somewhat theme heavy, it’s in no way theme dependent, so The Walking Dead: Our World won’t offer any barriers to casual or non TWD fans looking to try it out.

The designers have included some easter egg type nods, which will be best appreciated by fans, so there are some perks to being familiar with the show, too.

In its first week of release, more than 700 million walkers have been killed and 5.5 million miles have been trod trying to kill them.

If you like The Walking Dead or augmented reality games you should check out The Walking Dead: Our World; if you like The Walking Dead AND augmented reality games you should DEFINITELY check out The Walking Dead: Our World.
The Walking Dead: Our World is available for download now on iOS and Android.

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