The Walking Dead Come Alive at San Diego Comic Con

The Walking Dead Come Alive at San Diego Comic Con

July 20, 2018 0 By Gary

San Diego Comic Con is famous for many reasons, not the least of which is the efforts brands go to raise awareness of their properties and engagement with their fans.

AMC is no different and located in a prime location directly across from the convention centre and just outside the Hilton Gaslamp where the network has built a playground of the dead in support of their The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead franchises.

In AMC’s Deadquarters, fans will have the opportunity to take photos with actual props and vehicles from the show (including Daryl’s working motorcycle, which is still there because my efforts to abscond with it were easily halted by security staff) and a number of different activities including a massive slide and fight lessons with TWD choreographer and all-around bad dude (but lovely guy, and former stunt performer for Donatello in the OG TMNT movies) Steven Ho.

20 team members spent about forty hours constructing the space and expect thousands and thousands of fans across the duration of the convention to face their fears…and the dead.

There are a ton of things to do at Deadquarters and here are some of the highlights:

– Take a photo with Daryl’s actual bike from the show

– Take a photo in the zombie meatgrinder

– Take a trip down a massive circular slide and into a pile of walker bits (it’s dry red foam, but walker bits sounds cooler)

– Take a photo with Lucille and get it e-mailed to as a video with flames on her!

– Get a lesson in the bo staff with master fight choreographer Steven Ho who trained Lennie James as Morgan to fight

The line to get into Deadquarters is usually long but once you’re in, you’re in, and can stay as long as you want.

But don’t try and grab Lucille and ride away on Daryl’s bike, screaming “I got your back, Rick.” They frown on that.