TP-Link Power Bank Review

TP-Link Power Bank Review

August 1, 2014 0 By Marc

This piece of tech is something all convention goers should have.

Our friends at TP-Link sent us a very awesome piece of tech to test out this past month; the 10400mAh Power Bank. The Power Bank is essentially a high capacity portable charger that allows you to charge anything with a USB cable while on the go.


Charger specs:

  • 10400mAh of capacity
  • Dual USB ports let you quickly charge two devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with 5V input USB-charged devices like iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones
  • More than 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • Multiple protections of short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-heating ensure safe and reliable charging
  • Built-in flashlight comes in handy for in-house and off-road activities
  • Four LED lights work as charge indicators to show battery level or charging status

The website says that this charger can charge a phone up to 3-5 times with a full charge with a normal battery. So we decided to take it to the one place you manage to always drain your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices… a convention.

The night before the convention we plugged it into the wall to charge up, and by the morning it was ready to go. Day 1 of the con was only a half day, so only 2 of our team used it to charge their phones from half to full with no issues. Day 2 we used it a lot more due to the fact it was a full day at the con so we were using our phones and tablets much more in order to cover the event. We were able to charge 3 smartphones and 1 tablet for the day and still had battery left. We once again charged it overnight at the hotel, and used it for our final day at the con not only charging our phones, but allowed desperate friends who didn’t want to sit on the floor in the halls at an outlet to charge their devices.

To say the least, we were very happy with the performance of this charger over the con weekend. No longer will I have to sit in a random hallway with a free plug while the day passes me by.

The only downside to it would be its size; this is not something that you can just stick in your pocket unless you want people to ask if they are happy to see them. The device is 3.5×1.7×1.7 in, and has good weight to it (241g), so we suggest keeping it in your backpack or bag while carrying it around.

Regardless of it’s size, this is a great device for the techie on the go, con goer that is taking way too many selfies, or great for travel when you know there won’t be anywhere you can charge your device. We definitely recommend this device to all.

You can currently pick this device up in store or online for $59.99 CAD.