The Week in Geek

The Week in Geek

April 9, 2013 0 By Marc

We’re wrapping up this Week in Geek with EA, Jurassic Park, lasers and more!

  • Surprise surprise EA was once again voted as the Worst Company in America by The Consumerist.  They even beat out companies like Haliburton, BP, and Comcast. Keep up the good work by providing the gaming community with a sub par gaming experience that rivals most enemas. More Here
  • Jurassic Park 3D came out this weekend to give nightmares to a new generation of children. Opening weekend grossed $21.2 million, now topping the list of “Movies that we can turn 3D to make money”. This movie still holds up though, take the time to go have a fun night out and see this film


  • The US Navy now has lasers! Last week the US Navy put on a nice little display of power in the form of a YouTube video showing the new fire-power of a giant laser that can shoot down drones. Next stop lightsabers! Check out the video here.
  • Google Fibre is expanding and it is glorious. Recently Google has set some firm roots in Kansas City, MO and is ready to make the trip into Austin, TX. People are skeptical though, wondering if it is really worth switching from your current providers to Google. The image below will justify telling Verizon to suck it.


  • Next gen consoles are just around the corner, and the PS4 has already shown us a plethora of wonderful things that will drain our wallets.  Xbox wants us to buy their console as well at a subscription price of $300 or a $500 standard model price.  Blogger Paul Thurrott was the one to bring to light this interesting news about the “always on” console Microsoft is expected to unveil this spring. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing for gamers, but we will see on May 21st when Microsoft has their press release. 
  •  Ever drop the line with that special someone that you would give them the heart of the sun if you could? Well now you can! Recently scientists have discovered the magnetic “heartbeat” of the sun.  This magnetic beating within the core of the sun is what may product solar flares, and the massive sunspots we see covering the star. For more info you can read the full article here