The Walking Dead – Always Accountable – Review

The Walking Dead – Always Accountable – Review

November 15, 2015 0 By Marc

Emotions run wild this week on The Walking Dead, and Daryl continues to prove why he is a fan favorite.

The past two episodes are focused on one timeframe in three different places, first being the attack on Alexandria, the second being the situation with Rick and co trying to get back from the botched horde lure, and now we get to see what happened to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha.

We tend to forget that there are any other groups of people living outside the initial group that we follow in The Walking Dead, and no one else is out there trying to make it by. This week proves that the group is not alone, and they are bound to meet up with people, good or bad.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are ambushed by an unknown group as they are trying to get back home, and due to the fact Daryl is on a motorcycle and not in a car, things prove worse for him. As Sasha and Abraham manage to deal with their attackers face on, Daryl is run off course with his bike after a nasty fall that tears up his arm.


Even though Daryl manages to escape his pursuers he does run into a trio of other survivors in the forest that assume he is not just another person trying to get by, but someone who is after them specifically. Even though Daryl is thrust into another hard situation, he keeps his cool and plays along until opportunity strikes. He manages to run and take his stuff with him, but also manages to steal the insulin of one of the survivors that he just ran from. With Daryl being the good guy he is, he returns what he accidently took, and does what he can to have them run from the actual people who have come for them.

In this episode we get one of the coolest accidental zombie murders though as they shatter through the melted greenhouse glass and devour Tina, whom Daryl risked his life to save originally. To be fair though I am really unsure how someone who needs regular injections has survived this long in a world where they can barely find a clean t-shirt let alone specific medication.

Another loss this episode is Daryl’s bike… that awesome motorcycle that was gifted to him by Aaron. Daryl only lost it though due to his compassion in trying to save the two remaining survivors by offering them sanctuary in Alexandria, only to get backstabbed and robbed by the two. Now Daryl is motocycleless and crossbowless… I will not get used to Daryl using a gun, unless he gets a really cool one.

The other half of this episode finally deals with Abraham’s self-destructive behavior and why he has been acting out towards the other survivors.


For all the survivors that Abraham could have been stuck with, Sasha was the best choice for him right now. The main reason for this being Sasha has been through enough to no longer have a filter for what she needs to say and what others need to hear. This helps nudge Abraham to the point of actually saying what was wrong, he needed a rest, he needed time to push everything out of his head and just unwind. With everything that has happened from Terminus to Alexandria, he has not gotten a chance to do this.

This unwinding is something that Sasha could not help him with though, he needed to go off on his own and find the two things that make him happy. Cigars, and an RPG. Getting these two things though proves to be no small challenge, and allows Abraham to look from within after he has a much deserved screaming match with a walker.

One of the greatest things to happen this season though is the final 5-10 minutes of the episode, we get Fancy Abraham. The military dress uniform that he takes from the business that he and Sasha hide out in is one of the last connections he has to his old life before everything went dark. Abraham was a soldier, a proud soldier at that. He has nothing right now but his skills and memories of that past life, and the uniform breathes life into him that we have never seen before.

Hopefully this is a more centered Abraham that we get to see, and no longer wonder if he will go off and get himself killed due to his reckless abandon.

Now that we know what everyone is up to, or has been up to… will we get some Glenn closure? Or will we move on and let the show set up the eventual arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who has been cast as the villain Negan. Not much is known, but assume the rest of the season will be a wild ride.