Team Carter Delivers Fatal Blow in “Agents of Dubsmash” War

Team Carter Delivers Fatal Blow in “Agents of Dubsmash” War

July 15, 2015 3 By Alanna Smith

During San Diego Comic Con, the stars of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD were battling it out through Dubsmash videos on social media. While it was thought that the Agents of SHIELD had won the battle, it turns out they might not have won the war. Hayley Atwell just called in a game changer that may have just solidified a victory for Team Carter.

First let’s review:

Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg of Team SHIELD issued the challenge.

Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy took some time to practice their Dubsmash technique.

Then formed Team Carter and officially accepted the challenge, and the battle was on.

Team Carter merges Taylor Swift and screaming goat to create a competitive masterpiece.

After assessing their opponents, the SHIELD duo reminds everyone they should not be messed with.

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A brief pause as Luke Mitchell gives us a look behind-the-scenes of this epic battle.

And back to the battle! Team Carter ups their game by donning traditional warrior headbands made out of SDCC lanyards to intimidate the enemy.

Clearly understanding the bar has been raised, Team SHIELD brings it all to the table and assembles the whole team for an epic combo move.

Hayley Atwell is visibly upset by this fantastic display of lip sync power and costumed theatrics, and it seems as though Team SHIELD has won.

Team SHIELD seems to have taken this round, and there’s even official fan art to commemorate the moment.

But our girl Peggy’s still got fight in her, and the war wages on.

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SDCC ends, and the battlefield grows quiet. “Perhaps the war is over,” some might think, but they’d be wrong. This was merely the calm before the storm, because Team Carter has their own Star Spangled Secret Weapon that they thawed out of the ice just for this moment.

FATALITY!!! Team Carter strikes Team SHIELD right where it hurts with a “shield” of their own. Knowing they’ve won this round, Peggy and Steve celebrate by finally having that dance.