Jennifer Spence Talks Travelers

Jennifer Spence Talks Travelers

December 18, 2017 0 By Gary

“It’s a massive risk,” Jennifer Spence, the actor that plays Grace on Travelers, says about the season finale airing on Monday, December 18th on Showcase. “I can’t believe it’s all happening so soon,” she quickly adds, somewhat cryptically.

Season two has moved at a breakneck pace and has taken fans through a dark and twisted look at the future…through the lens of the present. The show (broadcast in Canada on Showcase and worldwide on Netflix) has received much praise for the way its tackling torn from the papers story lines and doing so without seeming forced. “It’s great that they’re tackling these issues. That’s part of the function of art: to get people talking.”

Travelers sets itself apart, she says, by how smart it is and quips that “Brad [Wright, showrunner and executive producer] and the writers must have an algorithm for keeping all the storylines straight.”

And while there are tons of great shows on television, both genre, and otherwise, Travelers is both “excellent sci-fi” and a show that’s grounded in the reality of today.

Ultimately, the travelers are just trying to forge a better world for themselves and for everyone that’s living all around them. For the most part, isn’t that what everyone is doing?

The show is relatable because it’s a “human response set against a backdrop of science-fiction. How do these [everyday] humans react to their circumstances?” And that’s where the magic of Travelers is born. In the realm of being relatable and dancing on the edge of ‘what if?’

Eric McCormack directs the season finale of Travelers and not only does Spence promise that it’s going to be “mind-boggling,” she says “that it’s going to blow your brains straight out of your head.”

Viewer discretion is clearly advised!

Travelers‘ season finale is live on Showcase on December 19th and internationally broadcast on Netflix.

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