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Five Question Friday with Jason Matthew Smith Part 2

by Garyon July 8, 2016
Jason Matthew Smith, or Cupcake as he’s better known to Star Trek fans, will be appearing next in Star Trek Beyond, in theatres across North America on July 22nd. Last week we spoke with Jason about his new film Star Trek Beyond and some of the challenges faced by Cupcake in the previous Star Trek films. You can read […]

Five Question Friday with Actor Jason Matthew Smith

by Garyon July 1, 2016
You may not recognize him by name, but if you’ve seen the rebooted Star Trek films, you definitely know his face. He’s Actor Jason Matthew Smith, soon to be seen in Star Trek Beyond alongside Chris Pine, Jeremy Quinto, Simon Pegg, and the rest of the crew. Jason plays cupcake, the burly cadet that pounds Kirk into the […]

Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin Dies at Age 27

by Alanna Smithon June 19, 2016
Early this morning actor Anton Yelchin, age 27, was found dead in his driveway after being hit by his own car. According to reports, Yelchin’s body was found at 1am by a friend who had been concerned after Yelchin did not show for a rehearsal several hours before. He was discovered pinned between his car […]

Long Island, NY’s Own Eternal Con, June 10-12

by Laura Cerroneon June 13, 2016
Eternal Con returned to Long Island the fourth year in a row at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. This year, the comic convention doubled down, offering fans that flocked to the three-day event more vendors, more celebrity guests, more panels and unique experiences. Eternal Con, we can’t wait to see you next year. #postcondepression Here […]

Interview With Jonathan Frakes At Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 23, 2016
Starting out as an actor and becoming known worldwide for his character William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes has also branched out into directing, producing and voice acting. Recently, we had the chance to talk to Jonathan during a round table interview session at Toronto Comic Con. The GCE: You started […]

Star Trek : Bryan Fuller joins the new TV series as the showrunner

by Elodie Peyranoon February 9, 2016
The new Star Trek series has found his new captain and what a captain: Bryan Fuller! The Hannibal creator has been chosen by CBS to be the showrunner and co-creator of its reboot series. He will also serve as the executive producer alongside Alex Kurtzman who worked as a writer and producer on Star Trek and Star […]

5 MMO’s Still Going Strong In 2016

by Marcon January 28, 2016
Many different MMO’s have come and gone, but some have stayed around due to a loyal player base and a large amount of updates from the creators. Here is a list of 5 MMO’s that have managed to stay alive in 2016.
Game Boy graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

The Geeky Weekly: December 20, 2015 – January 3, 2016

by Laura Cerroneon January 3, 2016
Here at the Geeky Weekly and the GCE we hope you have had a wonderful holiday season, and have acclimated to writing a six instead of a five at the end of the year. At least it is an easy fix if you mess up. We also hope you got lots of new geeky merchandise […]

Star Trek Beyond’s Official Trailer Has Landed

by Elodie Peyranoon December 14, 2015
While people get super excited about Star Wars, Star Trek Beyond decided to remind us that the franchise is also coming back pretty soon. The Paramount has unveiled the very first official trailer of this third installment of the rebooted trilogy.  And from what we can see in this video, the new film seems to […]
Game Boy graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

The Geeky Weekly: October 5 – October 18

by Laura Cerroneon October 18, 2015
Did you miss us? As promised, the Geeky Weekly is back after my hiatus, also known as New York Comic Con. You can check out my recap over at this link. Here are some news headlines you may have missed over the past two weeks. This edition of the Geeky Weekly focuses a lot on […]