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Teen Titans Get Their Own Feature-Length Animated Film

by Laura Cerroneon February 17, 2017
Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Nightwing and Blue Beetlewill star in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Based on the 1984 comic book arc, it is a staple for Teen Titan fans. Several big things happened in this storyline, including the reveal of Deathstroke. Take a look at the press release below for more information and how you […]

On the Rack: February 15, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon February 14, 2017
New comics on the rack! While you’re out buying your discounted Valentine’s Day chocolates, stop by your local comic book shop and really treat yourself. There are some good books, scan the list below! AARDVARK VANAHEIM Cerebus In Hell #1, $4.00 AC COMICS Femforce #177 (Cover A Jacob Bear ‘Firebeam’), $9.95 Femforce #177 (Cover B […]

On the Rack: February 8, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon February 7, 2017
You know the deal, new comic books every Wednesday. And with the help of the Internet, we’ve got a list of what may be available on the rack in your local comic book shop. While your shops are certain to carry most of the books from the big two, be sure to request smaller publishers […]

On the Rack: February 1, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon January 31, 2017
We are officially a month in to 2017. Strange, isn’t it? January was filled with some great books and now it’s time for publishers to bring out the new comic books for the shortest month of the year. Here is what is on the rack for new comic book day! AFTERSHOCK COMICS Blood Blister #1 […]

On the Rack: January 25, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon January 23, 2017
We close out the last Wednesday in January with some quality comic book snags. Peruse the list to find your next favorite book. Grab these off the rack or request the book/volume from your local comic book shop. ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Peter David’s Artful #2 (Cover A Laura Neubert), $3.99 Peter David’s Artful #2 (Cover B […]

On the Rack: January 18, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon January 16, 2017
Break open those piggy banks, it’s New Comic Book Day- every Wednesday! This week is as good as every other, so peruse at your leisure and head down to your local shop. Here is what is fresh on the rack this week.   007 MAGAZINE AND ARCHIVE 007 Magazine Presents The Most Famous Gun In […]

On the Rack: January 11, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon January 10, 2017
It’s time to head back to the good old brick and mortar comic book store and snatch up some of the next best comics. This list contains everything from your indie fair to your top dog companies, so your local comic book shop may not have all at their discretion. Here’s January 11’s edition of […]

On the Rack: December 21

by Laura Cerroneon December 20, 2016
It’s the last Wednesday before Christmas and Hanukkah which means it is the perfect time to pick up the latest comics and trades to complete your collection or your favorite comic book lovers. There are plenty of comic books to choose from this week, and we give it to you on the rack.   ABRAMS […]

On the Rack: December 7, 2016

by Laura Cerroneon December 6, 2016
We’re back with the pull list for New Comic Book Day! This week, get your hands on some amazing new issues from your favorite publishers. Comic books also make great Christmas and Hannukah gifts, so be sure to pick up a couple trade paperbacks for your loved ones!   Here is what’s on the rack […]

On the Rack: November 16

by Laura Cerroneon November 15, 2016
Halfway through November and it is New Comic Book Day. Happy Wednesday everyone! Stop by your local comic book shop and go nuts! 215 INK Flutter Volume 2 GN, $14.99 451 MEDIA GROUP Red Dog #1 (Of 6)(W. Scott Forbes Cover), $3.99 Red Dog #1 (Of 6)(Tom Velez Cover), $3.99 ACME INK Rock And Roll […]