Celebrate Wonder Woman With Food

Celebrate Wonder Woman With Food

May 5, 2017 0 By Laura Cerrone

The highly-anticipated Wonder Woman movie hits theaters on June 2 in North America. With Gal Gadot reprising the role she entered in Batman vs. Superman there are many reasons to celebrate. The movie follows Diana, Princes of Themyscira, as she leaves her homeland to help fight in World War I.


What better way to honor the woman known for her invisible plane, Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission with hosting a Wonder Woman-themed party.


We scoured Pinterest to pick out some of coolest recipes for planning an epic party. Click on each picture to find out the direction and who you owe this credit to.


Star Sandwiches

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.10.20 PM

While this food blog touts these adorable star sandwiches as finger foods for a princess birthday party, this also includes warrior princesses. Stars are prevalent on many of Wonder Woman’s costumes throughout the 70 years she’s graced comics. Honor the DC hero with these delicious bites and have fun with your food.


Wonder Woman Watermelon

watermelon WW

While no directions accompany this gift from the gods, the picture makes it look easy enough to replicate, and you’ll get to show off your star-making skills, again. Delight all of your party-goers with this fruity basket that honors Hippolyta, Diana and all the Amazons.


Wonder Woman Cocktails


The best thing about being an adult nerd are the cocktails. These concoctions imbibe Wonder Woman and those around her. Sip on a Circe or down a tall glass of Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine in the upcoming film).



Festive Pretzels


These salty and sweet pretzels will satisfy everyone. Coated and dressed up, their colors are both true to Diana’s and patriotic. While you may make them for a Wonder Woman party, (American) guests will be asking for them for the Fourth of July.



Wonder Woman Cake #1


We feature a couple different cakes and cupcakes you can whip up to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s plain to see this one uses a Barbie doll as its center. Your guests won’t believer this is an actual cake.


Wonder Woman Cake #2

ww cake2

Diana’s red, white, blue and gold outfit is internationally recognizable. A favorite at comic cons, it can be yours to dig in to. Fill it with whatever cake filling you want, it’s sure to have guests racing for a piece.


Wonder Woman Cake #3


You have a choice now, make all these cakes, or tackle one, simple, yet beautiful one. Compared to the others on this list, this Wonder Woman cake takes an easier approach to honoring her iconic look and logo.


Wonder Woman Cupcakes


Now these are cute enough to eat more than one. With different designs and some featuring her tiara, these will go quick.


Wonder Woman Cupcake Cake


Are they cupcakes? Is it a cake? Or, are they cupcakes transforming it to a cake. These desserts are feature a variation of Wonder Woman’s costume and are clever.


Yellow Twizzlers of Truth

yellow twizz

This one is so easy all you have to do is go to your local specialty candy store and hit the internet and purchase these babies. Put them in a fun jar, slap a label on them and you’ve got yourself a barrel of Yellow Twizzlers of Truth. You can even tie them in knots to get that true lasso effect.


Check out the official Wonder Woman trailer below and plan your themed party.