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Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Style Without Substance

by Emilia Cowanon July 19, 2015
Gotham is dark and full of terrors. A city of fear awaits the ever stoic Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight. Scarecrow hides behind an army of mercenaries led by the Arkham Knight and Batman must use extreme force to stop them. From suit to batmobile, Batman is faster and stronger than ever before. Arkham Knight […]

Meet the Arkham Knight of Batman: Arkham Knight

by Emilia Cowanon May 22, 2015
Arkham Insider is back with another look into the world of Batman: Arkham Knight. This time Rocksteady Studios‘ Dax Ginn gives fans the down low on the Arkham Knight—Batman’s toughest foe yet! Together with Lead Character Artist Albert Feliu Gomis, Ginn discusses the inspiration behind the game’s final installment and what players can expect when they […]

DC Super Hero Girls is Not Pandering to the Vocal Minority

by Emilia Cowanon April 23, 2015
Hera almighty! DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are banding together to launch a brand new universe for young girls! In a press release today, DCE and WB, in partnership with Mattel, announced a line of action figures, apparel, tv specials, digital content, and more all centered around DC Comics’ female superheroes and supervillains. DC Super […]

Michelle MacLaren Exits Stage Left on Wonder Woman

by Emilia Cowanon April 14, 2015
Hera give me strength! Let’s just all take a deep breath for a moment…Michelle Maclaren has left Wonder Woman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michelle MacLaren and Warner Bros. have parted ways citing creative differences as the cause for the split.

The Geeky Weekly: March 8 – March 15

by Laura Cerroneon March 15, 2015
Plenty of news to share on this weeks Geeky Weekly. From Marvel to DC, Disney to AMC, there are plenty of things we’ve got to discuss this week in our comic book world. Sit down, strap in, and read on!

The Geeky Weekly – Feb. 23 – Mar. 1

by Laura Cerroneon March 1, 2015
The end of February marked an uptick of news- and most of the news was broken on Twitter. While saying goodbye to our favorite grandfather and all-around amazing human being Leonard Nimoy, there was also plenty of other news breaking. And so we bring to you this weeks Geeky Weekly. ∴ Viola Davis confirmed via her […]


Arrow and the Return

by Laura Cerroneon February 18, 2015
Episode 14 – The Return Tuning into this episode there was a lot of excitement. Oliver and Thea on Lian Yu, flashback Oliver headed back to Starling City with Maseo to carry out a job from Amanda Waller. There was a lot to look forward to, and the episode didn’t disappoint. The running stories between […]

Review of Arrow – Uprising

by Laura Cerroneon February 4, 2015
Episode 12 – Uprising The Emerald Archer Rises… and has returned to Starling City. And, at the last ten minutes, nonetheless. In Uprising, the ups outweigh the downs and at the end we are just happy to have Oliver back where he belongs. As the tension in the Glades has reached its tipping point, the […]

The Geeky Weekly – Jan. 26 – Feb. 1

by Laura Cerroneon February 1, 2015
Before gluing yourself to the television for the big game today (*ahem* Puppy Bowl), catch up with what you may have missed in the week in geek.The last week of January was filled with plenty of good and exciting news. Some things are tl;dr, but we promise you won’t find anything long here.   ∴ It […]

Constantine Trailer from San Diego Comic Con

by Michael MacPhersonon July 28, 2014
  Saturday at San Diego Comic Con during Warner Bros.“Night of DC Entertainment”, they premiered a new trailer for Constantine, one that will certainly win over those who currently are on the fence about the new series.