Michelle MacLaren Exits Stage Left on Wonder Woman

Michelle MacLaren Exits Stage Left on Wonder Woman

April 14, 2015 0 By Emilia Cowan

Hera give me strength! Let’s just all take a deep breath for a moment…Michelle Maclaren has left Wonder Woman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michelle MacLaren and Warner Bros. have parted ways citing creative differences as the cause for the split.

This isn’t the first time a female director has left the superhero movie scene. Patty Jenkins was tapped by Marvel to direct Thor 2, but parted shortly after. Her departure didn’t stop Thor 2 from happening so it’s safe to assume Wonder Woman will happen. It’s unclear what effect MacLaren’s departure will have Wonder Woman’s production or if the 2017 release date will change. Gal Gadot is playing Diana in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice so the character isn’t done with us just yet!

It’s a shame to lose a female director in what has been a male dominated superhero film-world. MacLaren seemed like an excellent fit for the film, but there’s been “reported” trouble in paradise. Rumors are flying around that MacLaren and Warner Bros. disagreed on almost every aspect of Wonder Woman’s first and subsequent films. Among the rumors was the possibility of Diana having a pet tiger that she could talk to, which isn’t completely crazy, in my head at least, since she can talk to animals. If the rumors are to be believed then maybe fans deflected the oncoming bullet, or maybe Warner Bros. underestimates what fans will enjoy. Diana has had crazier adventures, trust me. Either way, it’s a major setback for the Amazonian princess.

In the wake of the MacLaren’s departure, ray of sunshine Susan Eisenberg, the voice of Wonder Woman, took to Twitter to cheer us all up! You’re a wonder, woman!

As sad as the news may seem, there’s a silver lining in everything. Warner Bros. could always hire another female director(?). If they do I’ll owe everyone celebratory drinks. There’s power when women tell women’s stories, and the warm reception MacLaren received for landing the job is hopefully still fresh in Warner Bros.’ mind. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what future directors and writers have in store for Wonder Woman. Let’s just all hope that the film doesn’t face the same fate as the fake one in the comics.


What are your thoughts on Michelle MacLaren’s departure? What could this mean for Wonder Woman’s movie future? Tell us all your thoughts, hopes, and fears in the comments below!

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