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6 Disappointing Elements Of Batman Arkham Knight

by EVAon July 20, 2015
Batman Arkham Knight was the game that both avid gamers and enthusiastic comic fans had been waiting for. This was supposed to be the grande finale, the end of it all. Instead players were giving a lack luster story, an ending that didn’t exactly make sense and  frustrating moments throughout the entire game. MAJOR SPOILERS […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Style Without Substance

by Emilia Cowanon July 19, 2015
Gotham is dark and full of terrors. A city of fear awaits the ever stoic Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight. Scarecrow hides behind an army of mercenaries led by the Arkham Knight and Batman must use extreme force to stop them. From suit to batmobile, Batman is faster and stronger than ever before. Arkham Knight […]

Time To Go To War, Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video

by Marcon May 28, 2015
Batman goes to war with Scarecrows henchmen in a new gameplay trailer. 

Meet the Arkham Knight of Batman: Arkham Knight

by Emilia Cowanon May 22, 2015
Arkham Insider is back with another look into the world of Batman: Arkham Knight. This time Rocksteady Studios‘ Dax Ginn gives fans the down low on the Arkham Knight—Batman’s toughest foe yet! Together with Lead Character Artist Albert Feliu Gomis, Ginn discusses the inspiration behind the game’s final installment and what players can expect when they […]

Arkham Knight Live Action Trailer

by Marcon May 21, 2015
Be the Batman.

The Geeky Weekly: April 26 – May 3

by Laura Cerroneon May 3, 2015
If the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is referred to as ‘Nerd Prom,’ then this entire week should be known as ‘Nerd Christmas.’ With Avengers: Age of Ultron finally opening to the rest of the world and Free Comic Book Day celebrating the very best of comics. Not to mention, May the Fourth is on Monday […]

The Geeky Weekly: March 23 – March 29

by Laura Cerroneon March 29, 2015
Another week has come and gone and it is time for the Geeky Weekly to fill in the cracks of your nerd knowledge. In this last full week of March, madness ensued when the first shot of Deadpool surface via Ryan Reynolds. Marvel was all blazing guns this week with goodies, including a deeper view […]

Gameplay Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight

by Steph Mernaghon May 21, 2014
  Our first in depth look at the gameplay for Rocksteady‘s new game, Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight Announced

by Steph Mernaghon March 4, 2014
  After many rumors began circulating around the net about a new Arkham game, we finally have our answer.