On The Rack – Janurary 29th, 2014

On The Rack – Janurary 29th, 2014

January 27, 2014 1 By EVA

Last week we dug into some great titles, and this week promises not to disappoint again.

I had the chance to go over All New X-Men #22 with the trial of Jean Grey starting and this looks to be a good little crossover for the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy that will take us through the next couple months. Did anyone pick up and read the X-Files / Ghostbusters crossover? I would love to hear your thoughts on the first issue.

Here’s an insider tip some of you may not know if you are just beginning to frequent comic book shops. If you are seeing stuff on the list here that may interest you but are finding that it’s gone by the time you get to the shop, then talk to the guys behind the counter. Most comic shops have a filing system where they put titles you want aside so that they are there under your name when you come in. Lets get right to this weeks listings so you can call ahead and set up your file.

Dark Horse

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

Firefly fans, feast your eyes on the next six part miniseries by Dark Horse and writer Zack Whedon.

“Malcolm Reynolds’ crew shook the ‘verse to its core when they laid bare the crimes against humanity undertaken by their sinister government-the Alliance. Always outlaws, Mal, a very pregnant Zoe, new pilot River Tam, and the other surviving crew members are in greater danger than ever. Meanwhile, everyone is asking the same question…”

DC Comics

Damian Son Of Batman #4 (of 4)

if you couldn’t get enough of Damian, this series is wrapping up this week, but you may be able to pick up the first three on the shelves as well. Run in and grab the complete story arc with Andy Kubert doing the artwork.

“Will the devastating events of Damian Wayne’s life push this troubled hero over the edge and send him straight into the abyss? Find out in the epic finale to this futuristic tale of tragedy!”

Forever Evil Argus #4 (of 6)

“Steve Trevor’s quest to learn where the missing heroes are leads him to an unlikely ally-Killer Frost-and to one of his most deadly enemies: Cheetah!”

Red Lanterns #27

The Red Lanterns have a very powerful new member coming in the next few issues sometime. I wont spoil who just yet, but maybe now would be a good time to jump in before the story arc hits.

“There’s a new gang in town as The Red Lanterns come to Earth! How will the rest of the universe react to the Reds’ policing their new ‘jurisdiction’? And more important, how will Ice react when Guy Gardner comes a-courtin’? The cover’s a big hint!”

Superman #27

The art of Kenneth Rocafort never disappoints. Superman fans, your next issue comes out this week with Parasite wreaking havoc still and continued from last issue.

“The Parasite can’t be stopped-and he hungers for the power that Lois Lane possesses. Is there anything The Man of Steel can do, or will he lose his best friend? The answer will surprise you!”

IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters #12

“The end of the year is a hectic time for most businesses, and the Ghostbusters are no exception. Beset from all sides by a surge in spectral activity over this particularly busy season, they’re looking forward to a little bit of a break once the new year hits. But recent supernatural symptoms shown by the City that Doesn’t Sleep are coming to a head, and the Bogeyman has arrived to take the city’s future!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30

“The Turtles struggle to recuperate in Northampton. Each Turtle deals with the new status quo in his own way, and each feels lost. But can they find their way to being a family again as the past haunts them?”

Image Comics

Black Science #3

This series just started not too long ago and looks to have a promising tale mixing science and fantasy. Follow the adventures and see what strange lands they get taken to and how they will get out of danger!

“Shell-shocked and battered, Grant McKay and his team are stranded on the front lines of the European savages’ final standoff against the Sons of the Wakan Tech-Tanka. Will this inverse manifest destiny claim the life of a member of the Anarchist League of Scientists? Or will they be betrayed by one of their own?”

Invincible #108

It’s finally here. Will our hero be able to rescue Levy from himself? Robert Kirkman delivers magic with his superhero title each and every month.

“Angstrom Levy’s life hangs in the balance. Invincible to the rescue?”

Thief Of Thieves #19

“Special Agent Cohen has plagued Conrad’s every step. Until now . . . The end of ANDY DIGGLE’s THIEF OF THIEVES arc ends with a real BANG.”

Marvel Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

As Marvel gears into the Marvel NOW launch, Guardians brings part 2 of the trial of Jean Grey. If you don’t know a lot about the guardians but want to get an idea of the characters before the movie comes out, this may a good opportunity to check them out while they cross over with everyone’s favorite X-Men for a 6 part story arc.

” ‘The Trial of Jean Grey’

The Guardians of the Galaxy get a reminder of Earth when they cross paths with the All-New X-Men during the TRIAL OF JEAN GREY! When an alien race discovers that the original Jean Grey is back on Earth, they decide to hold her accountable for the acts of the Dark Phoenix, and it’s up to the Guardians to help the X-Men save her. You won’t want to miss the first encounter between two of the biggest franchises in the Marvel U!”

Miracleman #2

Did you pick up Miracleman #1? Well, you didn’t have to wait long as the second issue hits shelves this week.

“KIMOTA! With one magic word, a long-forgotten legend lives again! Freelance reporter Michael Moran always knew he was meant for something more — now, a strange series of events leads him to reclaim his destiny! Relive the ground-breaking eighties adventures that captured lightning in a bottle — or experience them for the first time — in these digitally restored, fully relettered editions! Issue #2 includes material originally presented in WARRIOR #1-5, plus bonus material.”

Superior Spider-Man #26

Spider fans, don’t miss this one. Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman are still delivering each and every issue and we are going to get answers raised last issue and jump right into Goblin Nation!

“GOBLIN NATION PRELUDE. The stage is set for the biggest SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN story of them all! And it starts here with a goblin fight like no other: The Green Goblin vs. The Original Hobgoblin! Plus: That thing that happened at the end of #25… That thing that raised all of those questions… You don’t have to wait any longer. You’ll get your answers THIS ISSUE! Honest.”


Dredd Underbelly Movie Sequel One Shot

The sequel to the hit film Dredd hit shelves this week and promises to be a sell out with 2000AD reporting sell outs in the US and UK. Be sure to call ahead to your comic shop now to see if they’ve ordered it; you may be able to secure a copy!

“The one-shot sequel to the critically-acclaimed movie! In the wake of Ma-Ma’s death, other criminal gangs in Mega-City One are moving into the power vacuum, trying to fill the gap in the market left by the Slo-Mo drug. When a corpse dump is discovered in a rad-pit, the bodies are all revealed to be mutants. Could the dead be connected with an outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city from the Cursed Earth? Dredd once again teams with Psi-Judge Anderson as they scour the underworld for the perps responsible, to bring them to justice!”

That concludes this weeks pick up list. So don’t waste any time, run down or make the call and grab Dredd or any of the titles you may be interested in and put them on file so you don’t miss out when they arrive on Wednesday, January 29th. 

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