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Judge Dredd Classics: The Dark Judges #5

by EVAon May 14, 2015
The crime is life. The judgement is death. Those Dark Judges don’t go for half measures do they? This week sees the publication of the concluding issue of the Dark Judges saga, as part of the Judge Dredd Classics series from IDW. What makes this series different is that the story has now been coloured, […]

Judge Dredd Classics: The Dark Judges #4

by EVAon April 14, 2015
The Judge Dredd Classics series from IDW Publishing is a reprinting of some of the best Judge Dredd stories, but with the addition of colour. As someone used to reading all of these fantastic Dredd stories in black and white as they originally appeared in the pages of 2000AD, it’s a striking experience. There are […]

The Chaos Begins With Aquila #1

by Jeff Fountainon March 15, 2015
Aquila #1, the first in what is sure to be a blood soaked five part series, gives off that sense that we’ve seen this all somewhere before and yet it does not disappoint in both its story and visual appeal, even if that does include some over the top violence and bloodshed. Still, with a […]

Age Of The Wolf: Graphic Novel Review

by Jeff Fountainon November 1, 2014
I have always enjoyed the mysterious and sheer majestic power that surrounds the world of the werewolves, so it was with great interest that I tackled the apocalyptic story Age of the Wolf.

Zenith Review

by Michael MacPhersonon October 1, 2014
Before The Filth, before All-Star Superman, even before Doom Patrol, the was only Zenith.

Prog 1900 Review

by Michael MacPhersonon September 23, 2014
After 37 years of weekly issues, a whole galaxy of characters and a evolving line up of stories, there can be a lot of confusion as to where new readers can jump on, without being lost with ongoing storylines.

Jaegir Review

by Michael MacPhersonon August 27, 2014
From the War-Ravaged World of Nu-Eath… monsters are born. 2000AD brings a new one-shot spin-off of Rogue Trooper called Jaegir.

Judge Dredd: Mega City Two Review

by Michael MacPhersonon August 13, 2014
Dredd takes in the sun and the sand with a gun in hand.

Fiefdom: A Kingdom Novel Review

by EVAon July 9, 2014
Readers of the Kingdom comic book series published by 2000 AD are going to love getting a hold of this new book, published by Abaddon. Fiefdom: A Kingdom Novel is based on the Kingdom comic book series and is written by Dan Abnett (who is the original writer for the comic series) and Nik Vincent. How […]

Brass Sun #2 Review

by EVAon June 25, 2014
Brass Sun #2 didn’t take long to come out, and if you have been following like I have you will be happy it’s here. I had the chance to read issue two this week and go deeper down the rabbit hole of this amazing tale.