Protect Your Eyes and Look Good Doing It

Protect Your Eyes and Look Good Doing It

December 8, 2018 0 By Marc

As one gets older as a gamer you may start to find that you cant just stare at a computer screen or TV for hours upon hours without your eyes starting to strain and hurt. There are a few things we can try such as resting, eye drops or ensuring that the room is lit well enough so it is comfortable on the eyes. There is another option though, computer glasses that cuts the impact of harsh light and helps reduce squinting and eye fatigue. These glasses are made by many companies and can range anywhere from $50 to $1000 dollars depending on the make and style. One company that makes a affordable version is Eagle Eyes, and to be honest their not bad.

I normally wear glasses to drive, watch movies, etc. but have never had a reason to wear them while on the computer. Eagle Eyes was kind enough to send me a pair to try and persuade me to make a switch. At first I didnt like them, at all. Sorry guys, I really just didn’t like them. I was sent a pair of Astin’s, and I found them odd to wear, a little heavy and strange they were so dark compared to the other glasses that were out there… then I discovered that the sunglasses part comes off, I felt really dumb. Once I did that it was a much better experience and my complaints faded away with them. I picked the Astin’s at first because i liked the look with the vintage feel to them, and they would not be too far off from my current style. Considering most computer/gaming glasses out there make you look like a fisherman or Tour De France enthusiast.

They don’t have too much of a tint to them, just enough to cut the UV and blue light from the screen that causes most eye strain. I wouldn’t suggest using these if you were doing video or photo editing, but if you were doing a solid 10 hours of Overwatch they would do just fine. They also are pretty good if you are playing a PS4 or Xbox as well, as it will provide the same protection.



Eagle Eyes has a large selection available and like I said before, the prices are great for you to be able to grab a pair and not worrying about breaking the bank. Check them out over at their website and give them a go, I would also suggest the STARR’s as well since they look really nice too.