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First Thoughts: Destiny 2 Beta Review

by Marcon July 20, 2017
Destiny returns to form in the D2 beta that dropped on 18th for PS4. Destiny is one of those games that changed the landscape of FPS when it came out in 2014. It was a new IP from Bungie and brought with it all the solid gunplay that we loved in HALO, with a new […]

The Walking Dead Game: New Reality and Struggling Adventure

by EVAon November 10, 2016
  The Walking Dead: Top Game of The Century When you are dealing with popular online games, you will never loose a chance to play the Walking Dead. This extremely popular game has millions of fans worldwide. When original series that have been broadcasting on TV since 2010 have reached a number of loyal fans […]

Return To Karazhan Patch 7.1

by Marcon August 19, 2016
The master may return very soon… 

Fallout 4: Nuka-World Official Trailer

by Marcon August 15, 2016
Welcome to the laaaand of tomorrrowwww!

Top 5 Spring PC Releases

by Marcon April 6, 2016
There are some very exciting and fun games coming out this Spring and you will regret not picking at least one of them up.

Can Windows 98 Handle Minecraft?

by Marcon March 22, 2016
Will the game known for its pixelated graphics run on a system older than the people who play the game? One fan had to find out.

Introducing The Steam Controller

by Marcon June 4, 2015
Steam has unveiled their new controller, is this what we really need as the bridge the gap between console and PC?

Time To Go To War, Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video

by Marcon May 28, 2015
Batman goes to war with Scarecrows henchmen in a new gameplay trailer. 

Max gets Savage in New Mad Max the Game Trailer

by Emilia Cowanon May 26, 2015
Take the road less traveled in the new Mad Max story trailer, “Savage Road.” It’s kill or be killed and players must take the wheel as Max in this new game by Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Studios. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

by Marcon May 22, 2015
The Witcher 3 delivers, and it is jaw dropping. (SPOILERS INSIDE)