Celebrating New York with On Location Tours and Mike Dolce

Celebrating New York with On Location Tours and Mike Dolce

September 28, 2019 0 By Laura Cerrone

There’s no better way to celebrate New York then by talking about our experiences with On Location Tours. Joining Laura of The Geek Chic Elite this episode is Mike Dolce, of the Secrets of the Sire Podcast. He was kind enough to invite me on the Secrets of the Sire podcast a few weeks ago to talk about Jane Foster as Thor in Taiki Watiti’s upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder Movie and some other hot takes on the X-Men and Agents of SHIELD. Mike will be at NYCC at booth #1042, so drop in and say hello. Secrets of the Sire can be found on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple and Spotify, and you can find him on social media with his Twitter @Sire_Studios, Instagram @sirestudios, and on Facebook. The website is: https://secretsofthesire.com.

Mike and I spoke with Georgette Blau, the president and CEO of On Location Tours. On Location Tours is celebrating its 20th year and for the past two and a half years has delighted nerds and visitors aplenty with its Super Tour of NYC, which visits more than 40 locations. If you’re local to New York, like Mike and I, or, if you’re visiting for New York Comic Con or for any other reason, you can rest assured that there are plenty of dates to go on this tour and not just see iconic nerdy New York scenes, but the ones that have colored your comic books, televisions and silver screens for decades.

On Location Tours can be found on https://onlocationtours.com, on Facebook as On Location Tours, on Twitter as @OnLocationTours and on Instagram as @Onlocationtours too.

At the end of my chat with Mike and Georgette, I’ve also included my talk with my wonderful guide Chris, who is a passionate and incredibly knowledgeable nerd who just wants to share the love. Thanks once again to Mike of the Secrets of the Sire podcast, and to Georgette, Chris and On Location Tours for making this episode possible.


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