Introducing The Steam Controller

Introducing The Steam Controller

June 4, 2015 0 By Marc

Steam has unveiled their new controller, is this what we really need as the bridge the gap between console and PC?

The video brings us what we have all seen pictures of, the Steam controller and its various customizable functions. The controller will be able to be fully customizable as far as what buttons do what, what type of setup you want it to emulate, and “precision” response from the buttons/trackpads. There will also be new digital and analog triggers to get the most out of your FPS gameplay, and get a similar feel to what is already available via the XBO and PS4 controllers.

But is this what we needed, or wanted? Currently most players who want to use a controller for any PC game will just get an Xbox or Playstation controller and hook it up remotely or via USB and just play. Most people do this already with their steam games and it works out just fine. The controller is interesting and the trackpad idea does seem like it could have some value, but what is the point if there is already something that is already familiar for gamers to use.

Right now all we have is a video and promises, we will need some real testing and hopefully a playable demo at this years E3 to get a real look at what this controller will bring to PC gaming other than another piece of gear that people will buy and shortly forget.