Recap – James Gunn Talks Guardians 2 on Periscope

Recap – James Gunn Talks Guardians 2 on Periscope

June 4, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

Last night Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Periscope to answer any and all fan questions in real time. While at times it was hard for him to keep up with the ongoing tsunami of questions, he did provide us with some great insights about both himself and the currently in-development Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which will be released May 5, 2017.

In case you missed out on this surprise interview opportunity, here’s a cheat sheet containing all the important tidbits Gunn revealed last night.

About GOTG 2

  • He doesn’t know if there will be a GotG 3 yet (go see the second one, and maybe they’ll make a third)
  • He doesn’t mind not having the rights to use Silver Surfer
  • GotG 2‘s script is heartfelt – enough to make Chris Pratt “cry like a little baby” after Gunn went through the story beats with him
  • He would love to work with Alan Tudyk on this film
  • There are less characters in this film than it’s predecessor, it’s not going to get more and more vast by adding countless new characters like some of its fellow MCU films – instead we’ll be able to get to know our main characters better
  • There will, however, be an introduction to a new character
  • The original cast will be returning, including Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn
  • Captain Marvel has not yet been cast (whether or not she makes an appearance in this film was not confirmed)
  • There was originally another big character in the original draft for this script but he took them out
  • Tyler Bates will return as composer
  • Gunn probably won’t have a cameo in this film
  • We will discover who Starlord’s father is in this film
  • Starlord’s father has not yet been cast
  • The first draft of this script was about 130 pages
  • Gunn has already selected all the music for Awesome Mix Vol 2
  • He is the only writer on this film

About James Gunn

  • He’ll probably never do Slither 2
  • He doesn’t see himself doing another Marvel film (outside of the GotG films) unless it’s another cosmic hero along the same lines as GotG – for example, a spin-off on one of their characters
  • He thinks the original Captain America (1979) is one of the worst films (I watched the trailer – he’s probably right)
  • He’s watched and likes Agent Carter
  • He thinks James Wan is a great choice to direct an Aquaman film
  • He would not direct a Star Wars movie if asked
  • In terms of this summer’s films, he’s most excited for Jurassic World
  • He hasn’t read a Dr. Strange script
  • He gave Michael Rooker the little frog trinket from the set of GotG as a wrap gift
  • His favourite Joker performance is Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
  • Chris Pratt was his first choice for Starlord
  • He’s very excited about Spider-Man in the MCU
  • He owns the orb and infinity stone (which was originally red) from the set of GotG
  • He’d love to work with Meryl Streep or some of the great actresses from Orange is the New Black
  • He thinks Margot Robbie is a good choice for Harley Quinn
  • He hasn’t watched The Flash (but hears it’s good)
  • It’s very unlikely there will be another Dawn of the Dead film written by him
  • No, he’s not friends with Michael Bay – he’s never even met him
  • If it were up to him, Squirrel Girl would make an appearance in the MCU
  • He devotes between 10-14 hours a day to writing
  • He wouldn’t direct a DC movie (likely because of his contract with Marvel)

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