The Infinity Gems in Detail

The Infinity Gems in Detail

August 9, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

So you’ve just gotten back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (maybe for the second or third time) and you are starting to really think about what will happen with Nova Corps. in charge of the infinity gem, why Thanos wants it so much and how they’re going to use the gems to further the plots in upcoming Marvel films. Hopefully this article will answer some of your questions as we look further into the infinity gems that are present both in the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The gems, called stones in the Cinematic Universe, are incredibly powerful gems that give the user of all six God-like abilities. All six are combined in the Infinity Gauntlet and would give the wearer omnipotence and omniscience, among many other powers. There are seven gems all together, though only six are needed in the gauntlet. The gems were created when an omnipotent being named Nemesis committed suicide after being unable to endure eternity alone. Her remains are scattered into the far reaches of the universe as the Infinity Gems. The names of the gems are Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time and Power. The seventh gem, Ego, is discovered in the comics by Loki.



The Space gem allows the user to teleport, manipulate and bend space, as well as appear anywhere and everywhere the user pleases including the entire universe when used in conjunction with the other five gems. In the comics, the Illuminati (a group consisting of Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Professor X) used the Infinity Gauntlet to push another planet away from colliding with Earth-616, causing the Space gem to shatter.

Originally thought to be the gem in Guardians of the Galaxy, it has been revealed that the one in the film was actually the Power gem (detailed below). The Space gem is actually blue in color in the films instead of purple, and it’s power is seen often in The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor as the powerful Tesseract. In the film universe, the Asgardians currently possess it. Kevin Feige confirmed this in late 2013.



The Mind gem allows the user strong psychic psionic powers and can significantly augment preexisting cognitive abilities. The user will gain powers such as telekenesis, empthy and telepathy as well as access and alter dreams, alter and create memory and feelings and create or remove mental blocks or barriers.

In the cinematic universe, fans have speculated that the Chitauri sceptre that Loki is seen using does in fact have the Mind Infinity Gem in it, though it has been disputed in consideration of the size of the gem in the sceptre, as well as the lack of use; for something so powerful it seemed that Loki was a novice at best when using it. Also, it remains to be officially confirmed by anyone from Marvel. Currently the sceptre is in the possession of HYDRA, as shown in the mid-credits scene of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.



The Soul Gem is actually quite different from the others in that it is sentient and has a desire to collect souls. The user is able to manipulate, alter, and steal souls, both living and dead. It also has the capabilities to trap souls inside of itself and send them to an alternate dimension (Soulworld) where they are to reside for all eternity. What makes this gem unique other than it being sentient is that it may be of little use to those without mystic powers. It is also quite dangerous, especially in the hands of a novice, as the craving for souls can create possession of the user.

Before the gem was destroyed in the comics, the protector and holder of the Soul gem is Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. Since the Soul gem seems to go hand in hand with those with mystical powers, it seems that they will only be of use to a handful of heroes and villains. The Soul gem has not been seen in the Cinematic Universe yet, but there is speculation that it may be a part of a key role in the Doctor Strange film.


The Reality gem is possibly the most dangerous of the six, allowing its user to obtain anything and everything they desire. The user of the gem can bend reality and logic, resurrect the dead, and complete feats that would otherwise be impossible, and that’s just on a small scale. For anyone who wants to change the laws of physics, thermodynamics and more, this gem is for them. More powerful uses for the gem would be to create any reality the user wishes (for example, Thanos taking control over everyone on Earth and becoming a supreme ruler or god) and when combined with the other gems in the Infinity Gauntlet, the effects of the Reality gem can be used across the entire universe.

In late 2013, it was revealed by Kevin Feige that the Aether that was used by the dark elf and sorcerer Malekith in Thor 2: The Dark World was actually the Reality gem in a liquid-like form. Malekith intended to use the Aether to bring darkness to all nine realms, but the plot was thwarted. During the credits, we saw that the Collector was now in possession of the Aether after it was contained by the Asgardians.



The Time gem is not something a Time Lord would want anyone of ill-will getting their hands on. The gem grants the user the ability to control time; past present and future. It can be used to make someone both older or younger, and mastery of the gems abilities will allow it’s user to create never-ending time loops that can encompass an entire world “Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too!”) When used in conjunction with the other gems, it allows its user to exist in every point of time simultaneously. In the current run of comics, Time is the only gem to not be destroyed whilst the Illuminati attempt to avoid a collision between planets. The Time gem hasn’t been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, but with the slow reveal beginning, hopes are high that it may be revealed in Captain America 3.


The Power gem has the abilities to augment the users physical attributes such as durability and strength to near infinite levels. In the comics, Champion, an Elder of the Universe was in control of the Power gem but as he barely knew how to use it, he was defeated by Thanos who subsequently gained its control. When use of the Power gem is mastered, the user can mimic the effects of energy based superpowers and become invincible with brute power. When used in conjunction with the other five gems, the user will find the gem furthers these effects. The gem can also be used to infinitely supply power to any machine.


The Power gem is the third gem to be officially revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Guardians of the Galaxy. While the purple color of the gem threw many Marvel fans off and into thinking that it was the Space gem, it seems they’re using different colors either ‘just because’ or to conceal what they really are until now. James Gunn also posted on his twitter that the gem in the film was in fact the Power gem as there was some confusion. The Power gem is currently being protected by the Nova Corps.

Where is the Infinity Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet is currently in possession of the Asgardians in Odin’s treasure chamber.