Hyde: The Movie Needs Your Help

Hyde: The Movie Needs Your Help

February 7, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

Kickstarter has been the lifeblood for many film projects, and the creators of Hyde are hoping for some support from the community to make their dreams a reality.

So what is Hyde?

According to the filmmakers, they’re promising thirty minutes of terror and suspense! It’s 1985. A desolate Australian beach. A fight for life & death. Two young women face their demons. Turned flesh and blood…

They are making the film in the gritty style of the Golden Age of Cinema (the 1970s) actually using equipment from that era to capture a classic look.

The theme of forbidden love and running out from the shadows, facing your personal truth, is very topical, especially Down Under where prejudice is still very common.

Ultimately, as enticing as the plot sounds, what makes Hyde interesting to us is the focus of females making up the majority of the cast. Each are on the verge of breaking out in the Australian cinema scene. Lauren Pegus plays Mallory, the heroine with the broken past. Alyssa Stevenson plays Morgan, the selfish drama queen driven to the edge for real this time. Maryann Wright plays Hyde, the Dark Angel of Death and Memory. Is she villain or saviour? It will be a burning question till the last frame.

But it’s not all doom & gloom. They’ve cast the remarkably funny Lachlan Edmonds-Munro to bring his trademark light touch.

But the team still need some help; they are looking to raise a total of $7,685 to help with expenses that all films rack up, such as cast, crew, transportation and location expenses, as well as props and wardrobe. Still, it’s an incredibly reasonable number to ask. As of today, Hyde has raised $2,675. Check their Kickstarter out HERE and help these filmmakers realize their dream by donating whatever you can spare to their cause.

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HYDE the Movie Kickstarter Creators Video from Hyde on Vimeo.