Google Glass – The Look and Feel of Future Technology

Google Glass – The Look and Feel of Future Technology

February 20, 2013 1 By Marc

How awesome would it be if you have your own GUI on a day to day basis? A way to record, share, and manage your life just by opening your eyes.

Today, I have never been more excited than watching the latest video by Google showing off the Google Glass technology and what it can do.  Google co-founder Sergey Brin was seen wearing the Google Glass within the past year and made everyone in the tech world wonder what the heck was going on.  Now with the video released by Google today, we know what the big deal is about.


[youtube id=”v1uyQZNg2vE” width=”580″ height=”337″]


The video shows a very large range of what it can do, from showing the time, recording video, taking pictures and allowing simple web searches. As the video progresses you see even more! This has the ability to video conference, have an image overlay for you to see as you work on a project or art piece, or take what you recorded, and then send it to family and friends.

This tech from Google is definitely something to keep track of, because it is something that could replace the cellphone/tablet completely. It is a way to integrate technology into your everyday life without worrying about losing it or having it take up space in your pockets/bags.  Now the video shows some pretty casual applications of this technology, now think of this being used to improve medical, science, or military applications. There seems to be no end of what we can do with this, and that’s why it excites me. Hope to see a lot more from the people at Google over the next year.