Frightmare in the Falls 2018: A Horror Fans Dream

Frightmare in the Falls 2018: A Horror Fans Dream

November 2, 2018 0 By Jeff Fountain

Conventions can be a mixed bag in terms of entertainment and fun. Many are now overcrowded and expensive, making it less interesting in terms of a ‘must see’ event in both a fans schedule and their day to day budget. However,  Frightmare in the Falls, a small an intimate gathering of horror fans celebrating the genre, was a success on many levels and in only its second year has managed to be an event circled by many in the horror community as something not to be missed.

Held at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls Canada, Frightmare in the Falls was two days of fun, bringing together a nice collection of celebrities from the horror genre, great vendors and a wonderful atmosphere. Fans both young and old could be seen in line waiting to chat with everyone from Doug Bradley, aka Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise to actors from other great horror franchises such as Child’s Play, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th.

Both the vendors and guests seem to appreciate both the fans and the how smooth things ran as well. Gregory Lamberson, writer, and filmmaker, was very happy with the show. “It was a convenient show for me because I live only a half hour away, but it was also an extremely well run,” he said, who recently finished filming his new horror movie Widow’s Peak. “None of the little annoyances that can crop up for guests occurred, from the hotel to bringing in my product, to setting up my table. When all of that runs smoothly, it’s so much easier to relax and have a good time with the fans and other exhibitors.”

C.F. Benner, sales manager for Black Fawn Distribution, agreed. “This con is so relaxed, so much fun. We deal strictly with horror fans who love our stuff or just want to come by and talk about the horror genre” he said, noting that a show like this is a great place for not just established fans but new fans who are new to both horror and Black Fawn Distribution. “From both a business and personal standpoint, you really can’t get much better than that.”

Danny Pintauro, best known for playing Tad Trenton in the creepy and all too realistic Stephen King adaptation Cujo, is no longer in the acting business but couldn’t help but marvel at the show and its fans. “It’s really something, all of the fans coming up to me and chatting, so friendly and kind. I don’t do this kind of thing very often but it’s events like this that remind me just what great fans this genre really has, it’s marvelous.”

There were some great props there as well, not to mention some interactive displays, such as Jason’s Kill Shack, where you could dress up in some blood-spattered attire, choose a weapon and let loose your inner killer. There was also a Haunted Cemetery for your photo op needs, with creative tombstones and skeletons to grab your attention. The beautiful Contagious bike from Resident Evil, the Mad Max Interceptor, and the popular huge Goblin Head were also around to share some memories with.

It was also great to see the horror fans embrace the fandom with a wide variety of costumes, some very simple, others more complex. Whatever the choice was, there is no doubt this crowd was proud to show their love for not just certain parts of the genre but horror itself. It was also interesting to hear how many times I heard such polite terms as please and thank you, with common courtesy running rampant through the show.

In the end, the 2018 edition of Frightmare in the Falls was a great success, something everyone seemed to echo from the talent and vendors to the horror fans themselves. Mark October 26th & 27th 2019 on your calendars for next year’s show…you won’t be disappointed.