Everything You May Have Missed in Hall H @ SDCC

Everything You May Have Missed in Hall H @ SDCC

July 24, 2016 0 By Gary

Yesterday in Hall H was huge.


So many great panels but lots of news spread out over the internet.

Here’s everything you need to know, conveniently located in one place.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros needed a good panel to restore faith in their feature division after the middling reviews and disappointing box office of Batman V. Superman. And they did.

  • They released the first trailer for Wonder Woman and it looks amazing.¬†You can watch it here.
  • They also released the first Justice League trailer and they clearly learned something because in this film it appears that everyone isn’t angry, all the time. You can watch it here.
  • Suicide Squad released more footage and like the rest, it looks great. David Ayer did confirm that SS happens post-BVS.
  • Kong: Skull Island released a trailer. You can watch it here.


Aliens: 30th Anniversary

This was mostly a retrospective on making the film.

It was interesting to learn that Carrie Henn, the actress playing Newt, never pursued acting and is now a fourth grade teacher.


Star Trek: 50th Anniversary

This, like the Aliens panel, was mostly a retrospective. Attending were William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, and Scott Bakula.

They did release a trailer for the new show coming to Cbs, codenamed Star Trek 2017.

It was very simple but it did reveal the name of the new show: Star Trek Discovery.

The video was of a unique class of starship, this model being the USS Discovery, leaving a spacedock toward the unknown.

Women Who Kick Ass

This panel is a favourite. It features female actors from a variety of places talking about their experiences in their medium.

It’s always a fun and engaging discussion. This year the panel was headlined by actors Connie Nielsen, Tatiana Maslany, Ming Na-Wen, and Lucy Lawless.

Ming Na-Wen is ridiculously charismatic, which I didn’t know.

Her stories were so entertaining she completely charmed the crowd.

Marvel Studios


This panel was the big one.

First, they announced that they were officially going by the name Marvel Studios. All of their social media sites quickly went live.

The Black Panther cast took the stage but they are still in pre-production and didn’t have anything to show, but seeing the amazing cast in one place was impressive. Probably one of the best ensembles for a Marvel film, ever.

Next was Thor. They are currently filming and so none of the creators were there but they did show some early footage and concept art.

We saw Thor with short, very tight hair and wearing warpaint. It was a great look, very menacing.

The concept art showed Thor and Hulk are going to slug it out against one another in a gladiator duel for the ages.

The final shot of the presentatation shows an enraged Hulk flying at a flaming enemy the size of a skyscraper. it was incredible.

Next was Doctor Strange. Everything was preceded by a 4D laster light show, with smoke, and strobe lights; the building shook. When the lasers stop, Benedict Cumberbatch was alone on stage and the audience roared.

We saw exclusive footage of Strange’s early days at the compound. We meet the Ancient One as well as get our first look at Wong.

Let me say: there were people who complained about Tilda Swinton’s casting. They are completely off base.

Her casual and effortles conversation left no doubt that she could posess all the knowledge in the universe. After seeing the footage, I can’t see anyone else playing the Ancient One.

They also dropped a new trailer. Doctor Strangeis Marvel Studios most ambitious film to date, but it looks like they’ve hit the film out of the park. You can watch the second trailer here.

Next was Spider-man Homecoming. The preview was very focused on the fact that Peter is a high schooler. first it showed a montage of all the other Avengers and their high school year book pictures; Paul Rudd’s mullet stands out as exceptional.

It plays as a high school schedule. 9:30: Science, cut to Peter in class, not paying attention, instead watching video footage of the Avenger vs Avenger Battle in Civil War.

11:30 Women’s studies: Cut to Peter and his friend staring at a group of girls and trying to figure out if the should stop staring before it got creepy staring. ‘Too late,’ Zendaya quips from the other side of the table.

It hit every note perfectly. It is going to be great.

Finally was Guardians Vol 2. The trailer begins with Rocket and Yondu getting thrown in the brig by Ravagers who plan to sell them to the Kree. Yondu’s fin looks scorched, so he probably can’t use his powers. Baby Groot is in a bird cage and one ravager says “I’m gonna smash him with a rock.” “Dammit Jeff, he’s too adorable to kill.”

Yeah, it’s gonna be great.

Basically they try and use Groot to find a prototype fin for Yondu, but he keeps bringing the wrong thing. “That’s a desk. I said it was this big (about a foot)”

When he gets that fin, the ravagers start to have a bad, bad day.

Finally, Brie Larson was confirmed as Captain Marvel.

It was an incredible day in Hall H.