Doctor Who Season 7A: In Review and Recap

Doctor Who Season 7A: In Review and Recap

March 24, 2013 0 By EVA

The Doctor is back on March 30th! What better way to start off the week leading into the second half of Season 7 than a review and recap of the first half? Don’t worry though; I’ll warn you before we get into the spoilers!


This Season technically started on Christmas 2011 with “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe”. I’m not going to get to in depth with this episode since it was more than a year ago that it aired, but I will say this: This episode really captures a mothers love for her children. I finished the episode and was immediately drawn to calling my mom. I love her, and I love this episode.

Throughout the month of September the first 5 episodes of Doctor Who Season 7 were aired. Most of them were great, but some of them were very weak in my opinion. We’ll start with Episode 1, “Asylum of the Daleks”.  I have mixed feelings about this episode. I really enjoyed it when I first saw it and I still really enjoyed certain parts of the episode, but upon second and third… and fourth and fifth viewings (I am not ashamed), I noticed tiny plot holes and flaws. Flaws that can’t be explained with “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” like most plot holes in the series. Still an enjoyable episode though, and a great start to the Season.

“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”, the name alone immediately sells it to me. This episode had so many great things. Space, dinosaurs, action, triceratops riding, Harry Potter alumni, Egyptian queens… Yet something still didn’t sit right with me. The Doctor. He started the episode off his usual self, but there were several moments that were very uncharacteristic of The Eleventh Doctor. Luckily all of those other awesome things saved the episode for me!

I really didn’t enjoy “A Town Called Mercy”. In my opinion it was by far the weakest of the 7A episodes. I wasn’t a fan of the story or the characters they introduced. Again, the Eleventh Doctor seemed so out of character, even more so than the previous episode. I wasn’t sure if The Doctor knew something we didn’t, and that’s why he was so bitter and vengeful, or if it was just poor writing of the character. It seems to have been the latter, because it never was explained.

The last two episodes of Season 7A were definitely my favourites. I really don’t think I’m spoiling much by saying this, because unless you haven’t used the Internet since 2011 you probably know that these were the final adventures with The Doctor for Amy Pond (played by my future wife Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvil). **DISCLAIMER- I’m not actually engaged or even acquainted with Karen Gillan**

“The Power of Three” was everything I loved about the dynamics between the three main characters. One might even think to call their dynamic “The Power of Three”. See what they did there? The Year Long Invasion was an excellent story and I really enjoyed the humour, the chemistry between the characters, and the reintroduction of a certain character from classic Who! As they leave in the TARDIS at the end of the episode, my heart sank knowing that it was the last time I would see this.

“Angels Take Manhattan”. I’m shuddering thinking about it, and I almost feel tears coming on. This episode was beautiful. A perfect ending to Steven Moffat’s first full story, and one of the greatest love stories ever told. The episode was intense, fast paced, scary, emotional, and absolutely brilliant. I can’t stop re-watching it, despite the knife that is stabbed straight into my feelings and twisted with every viewing.

Jump to the 2012 Christmas episode, “The Snowmen”. We’re treated to a sad and bitter Doctor (with a swell cap to boot!), a brand new darker TARDIS interior, as well as a new, somewhat familiar character. With dramatic irony at its finest, we recognize Oswin Oswald from “Asylum of the Daleks”. The Doctor having never seen Oswin like we have, knows her as Clara. Again, unless you’ve been avoiding the Internet you probably also know that she is the new companion. Clara/Oswin is instantly likable, and adorably witty. She also talks faster than The Doctor can, which is a new thing to witness with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. The story in this episode is really well written, and brings back an old enemy of the Doctor from the classic series. “The Great Intelligence” was first introduced in the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) story “The Abominable Snowman”, but The Doctor seems to have forgotten about the encounter. The Snowmen are kind of cheesy, and seem very nonthreatening in this episode, but Richard E. Grant plays the villain Dr. Simeon brilliantly. We also get more of the power couple of Madame Vastra and Jenny, and the hilarious and bumbling Strax. I really hope we get to see lots more of these characters, and (SPOILER) they are featured in the trailer for Season 7B.

I’m going to get into some spoilers here, so if you haven’t actually seen Season 7A yet I would recommend leaving this page and viewing the other fine articles and reviews The GCE has to offer.

So what do we need to know going into Season 7B? First off, Amy and Rory are gone, but they’re together and that’s all that matters. I don’t know if you’ve seen the short “P.S.”, but we learn in that short that they really did live happily ever after in New York, 50 years before they were born. They also have an adopted son named Anthony, who gets to meet his grandfather Brian in “P.S.”. Rory also finally bought a trowel, because what sort of man doesn’t carry a trowel? I would highly recommend readers visit the BBC Doctor Who website and check out “P.S.”, because its a beautiful little deleted scene.

The second important bit of information is that we have twice been introduced to Clara Oswin Oswald and she has twice been killed; yet somehow she is back. I’m almost hoping for an “Oh my God, you killed Clara! You bastard!” at the end of every Season 7B episode, but judging from the trailer we may not have to see her die anymore. I guess we’ll find out on March 30th when Doctor Who comes back with “The Bells of Saint John”!

Here’s the prequel to the episode to tide you over until then:

Later Whovians!

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