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Long Island, NY’s Own Eternal Con, June 10-12

by Laura Cerroneon June 13, 2016
Eternal Con returned to Long Island the fourth year in a row at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. This year, the comic convention doubled down, offering fans that flocked to the three-day event more vendors, more celebrity guests, more panels and unique experiences. Eternal Con, we can’t wait to see you next year. #postcondepression Here […]

The Geeky Weekly: June 14 – June 21

by Laura Cerroneon June 21, 2015
E3 and the Monte Carlo TV Festival kept the GCE busy all week. Now that both have wrapped up and our staff works hard to pump out the last bits of goods, reviews, interviews and news, we’ll focus on some other things that took place during the past week. That is, after all, what the […]

Splitting the Tardis in The Eleventh Doctor #11

by Laura Cerroneon April 15, 2015
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #11 Four Dimensions The comic counterpart on Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor celebrated its eleventh issue entitled Four Dimensions. For Eleven’s eleventh issue, the Doctor, Alice, Jones and Arc traverse space and time to solve the separation of Arc from the body he was attached to. The Tardis crew […]

The Geeky Weekly: March 30 – April 5

by Laura Cerroneon April 5, 2015
With the jam-packed holiday weekend there is plenty you ay have missed in nerd news. The Geeky Weekly supplements the time you spent not ingesting entertainment news or media to catch you up to speed. Without further adieu, let us turn to the news you may have missed this week!   ∴ Holy Haberdashery, Batman! […]

The Geeky Weekly: March 23 – March 29

by Laura Cerroneon March 29, 2015
Another week has come and gone and it is time for the Geeky Weekly to fill in the cracks of your nerd knowledge. In this last full week of March, madness ensued when the first shot of Deadpool surface via Ryan Reynolds. Marvel was all blazing guns this week with goodies, including a deeper view […]

First Look at Terminator: Genisys

by Marcon October 30, 2014
Arnold is back in the leather jacket to protect the past from our future.

Fan Expo 2014 Gallery ~ Saturday and Sunday

by Steph Mernaghon September 4, 2014
Fan Expo Canada™ photos from Saturday and Sunday are here! Saturday and Sunday were filled with cosplayers, A special Doctor Who panel featuring Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill, Stephen Amell and of course Walking Dead panels and so much more! We caught a lot of the excitement to share with you all! If you see […]

A Day with the Doctor

by Steph Mernaghon September 3, 2014
Friday was an unusually busy day at Fan Expo in Toronto, reminiscent of a Saturday the year before. As people crowded into the north and south buildings, lining the aisles of retailers and artists alike, many people journeyed downstairs to room 105 to see one man: The Doctor.

Fan Expo 2014 Gallery ~ Thursday and Friday

by Steph Mernaghon September 3, 2014
Fan Expo Canada™ photos from Thursday and Friday are here! Thursday and Friday were filled with cosplayers, Matt Smith and Edward James Olmos panels and so much more! We caught a lot of the excitement to share with you all! If you see a photo of yourself that you like, drop us a comment or […]

Matt Smith Announced at Fan Expo 2014!

by Marcon June 17, 2014
Whovians rejoice!