Doctor Who Recap: Hide

Doctor Who Recap: Hide

April 27, 2013 0 By EVA

This week’s episode of Doctor Who was a spooktacular ghost story! Or was it? Today we’re looking back on “Hide”, last week’s episode of Doctor Who! Head’s up, there’s spoilers!

So we’re led to believe from the trailers that this is a ghost story, but that is never the case with Doctor Who. Sometimes what seem to be ghosts to people that aren’t time travelling aliens, turns out to be future relatives trapped in another universe.  Trapped of course with a lovesick monster! Yes, this episode my Whovian friends, was a love story. It’s no Amy and Rory, but I suppose it’s adorable in an “angry, horrifying monster” sort of way.


There’s some interesting points that I want to get to so I’m rushing through the basic plot here, but it isn’t hard to sum up. The Doctor and Clara visit a young “will they/ won’t they” couple that is tracking a ghost in an old Victorian mansion. The woman, Emma is an empathic psychic, and her “friend” Alec is using her ability to contact ghosts in the house. The Doctor proves their ghost theory wrong when he discovers that the ghost is actually a woman trapped in another universe. Trapped with a monster. The Doctor goes over to save her, gets himself stuck there, and Clara and the TARDIS get him unstuck. They realize that the monster is actually just upset because its mate is stuck in their universe. Then the episode just ends and we’re meant to assume they helped him. Either that or The Doctor was eaten alive by the monster. I’m going to assume the former, or next week’s episode will be pretty boring.

So that’s our plot, summed up to its simplest form because I really wanted to get to a few points. First off, lets discuss the music. There was a subtle change to The Eleventh Doctor’s theme, “I Am the Doctor”, and I really like what they’ve done with it. I’m not sure if this was to fit the tone of this episode or if it’s here to stay, but I really like this version. This is coming from someone who isn’t too ashamed to admit to listening to “I Am the Doctor” frequently in his car because it makes him feel like a total badass. We all know when that theme kicks in The Doctor is going to talk really fast, solve the problem and do something really epic. This time when that music kicked in, Clara has a heroic moment. She often leads the way on their adventures, she can actually talk faster than The Doctor, and now she’s using his theme music? What’s that all about? Who are you Clara?

Really though, who are you Clara? I was starting to forget that there was mystery surrounding her because it hasn’t been mentioned in a while. Why does she keep turning up and dying in various points in time? They finally address this in “Hide”. We find out that The Doctor isn’t just visiting to play matchmaker with nerdy ghost hunters and monsters; he’s there to ask Emma about Clara. Unfortunately he doesn’t find any answers, and neither do we. One thing we learn about Clara, the traveling is starting to get to her. She sees the birth and the death of the earth and it really upsets her. The TARDIS was also being mean to her, but they patched things up.

Speaking of the TARDIS, “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” looks amazing! Check out the trailer for next weeks episode below!

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