DC Comics’ Vixen is Getting Her Own Animated Series

DC Comics’ Vixen is Getting Her Own Animated Series

January 11, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

An animated series based on DC Comics’ Vixen is coming to The CW‘s online network The CW Seed.

Expected to debut in the fall, the series is being led by executive producer and co-showrunner of Arrow, Marc Guggenheim. Vixen will also share a universe with The Flash and Arrow.

Mari Jiwe McCabe – aka Vixen – is a fashion model by day and a Justice League superhero by night. Born in Africa, she was orphaned after both of her parents were murdered. She eventually inherits the Tantu Totem, an artifact that gives the wearer all the powers of the animal kingdom. The speed of a cheetah, the flight of a hawk, the super-strength of an elephant or gorilla – as long as the animal existed on Earth, Mari can mimic its powers. Though she can only access one at a time, she can switch between them whenever she pleases.

Personally, I’ve always loved Vixen and I’m excited to finally see this character get her moment to shine. While we’ve seen Vixen occasionally featured on animated shows like Justice League and Batman: The Brave and The Bold, she’s never been the star of her own series. DC‘s animated shows and films are always of an impressive quality, and while they’ve been very successful with all of their new live action shows it’s refreshing to see them return to animation for this one.

(Plus her new costume looks wicked and you can bet I’m getting some cosplay feels…)