DC Bombshells Hits A Home Run With Issue #1

DC Bombshells Hits A Home Run With Issue #1

July 26, 2015 0 By EVA

Enter the bombtastic world of 1940’s superheroines with DC Bombshells #1. While we may still be a week away until the return of DC’s Bombshell variant month, the excitement started early with the digital release of the newly themed series. Much like Injustice Gods Among Us and Batman 66‘, DC Bombshells is a digital first comic. Inspired by the designs from Ant Lucia, Marguerite Bennett (A-Force) and Marguerite Savauge (Sensation Comics) take the helm of this new series as they craft a unique yet historical World War II setting with a bit of a twist.

While the men are off to war, the women remain behind leading a battle very much of their own on the home front. DC Bombshell’s #1 opens up with the story of Kate Kane, also known as Batwoman. Once more Kate takes up her mantle of vigilante but this time in a new fashion that fits in perfectly with the 1940’s historical setting.

DC Comics - Bombshells (2015-) 001-004This issue feels like a love letter to Batwoman from both Bennett and Savauge. While the beloved character may have been absent from comics since the cancellation of her series almost three months ago, Kate Kane is back, and this time she’s back with a literal bang. A familiar character or two from the superheroine’s series also make their return, but not without their 1940’s makeover. Both creators took such love and care with Batwoman’s character and would make any fan of the red headed heroine proud.

Bennett’s dialogue and story is witty, fun and all together just a joy to read. Add that in with Savauge’s unique art style and vibrant colors and you have yourself one hell of a comic. The fact that these two women can take something so simple as a set of variant covers and collectible statues only to transform them into something so much greater is absolutely astounding.

DC Bombshells #1 is only the beginning. The creative team have laid out the stepping stones for what could be a rich and entertaining world that has seemingly endless possibilities, as it can touch upon all the corners of the DC universe. We’ve already seen several designs from Ant Lucia of iconic characters that could possibly make an appearance throughout the series, yet even with issue one both Bennett and Savauge have already proven that they intend to bring more characters into this stylized world then just those that we’re already familiar with.

To round it all out, DC Bombshells #1 seems perfect in every single way. I haven’t had this much fun with a comic in a long time. This is why I personally love DC Comics Elseworld’s stories and even those set in alternate timelines and Earths. It gives the creative teams behind these stories a chance to not only explore but to expand on pre-exisiting characters and concepts in a way they normally couldn’t with a continual timeline. Now this being said, these stories can also be a bang or bust but this is not the case with DC Bombshell’s #1 as it hits all of it’s marks and will exceed fan’s expectations.

At just 99 cents this fantastic first issue is available for purchase on Comixology (which you should probably do immediately!) with a paper copy of the series debuting in your local comic shop later in early August.  I can’t stress enough how much potential this series holds and I eagerly await to see the rest of the world that both Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Savauge have in store for their readers.